Covenant of Trust

JJC Education Communities

Covenant of Trust

Welcome to the JJC Education Communities and thank you for agreeing to serve. You are in a position to have a significant impact on the future of the synagogue schools.  Because you are in a position of trust, the following commitments are asked of you:

You will attend and participate at Education Community (DS, PS, or RS/HS) meetings.

You will often be provided with materials and/or information that are confidential or sensitive in nature.  You will respect the confidentiality of such materials and/or information.

You will consider all discussions that take place at the meetings to be confidential.

You will use discretion in email correspondence and not create or forward e-mails containing emotional and/or derogatory content as it relates to synagogue programs, schools, members or staff.

You will work to “elevate the dialogue” and accentuate the positive as it relates to synagogue programs, schools, members or staff.

As a member of the JJC Education Communities, you will:

Serve as an ambassador of the synagogue schools both to fellow members as well as the larger community;

Be supportive of the synagogue’s commitment to the principles of Conservative Judaism;

Make best efforts to attend synagogue school programs;

Be mindful of your personal religious and/or spiritual path;

Be sensitive to the feelings of others;

Listen with respect and hear what others have to say;

Be open and receptive to new ideas;

Take responsibility and keep all Education Community Members informed;

Treat others as you would like to be treated;

Remember to acknowledge others for their efforts.

Please provide your signature of commitment in the space below.

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