Standing Committees


  • Keeps the community focused on fundraising
  • Motivates community to maintain personal responsibilities of giving to the          school
  • Takes the lead in cultivating relationships with supporters of the school
  • Prepares the annual school development calendar and coordinates the relationship between  all fundraising activities related to the school
  • Reviews procedures and purposes of fundraising events
  • Develops policies for receiving and naming gifts.

Head Support/Evaluation

  • Helps the head of school think through the best means of implementing major    operations-level objectives and serving as a confidential sounding board for the  head of school
  • Review the performance of the head of school at least once per year and shall      report directly to the MJGDS ED Community


  • Reviews admissions policies and standards, marketing literature, the master        calendar for school promotion, and strategies for recruiting students and      cultivation of their families.  The sub-committee does not play a role                      in admitting students.


  • Should have some background and knowledge of accounting and budgeting.
  • Review and propose budget
  • Monitor budget
  • Review cost projections in light of expanding/changing programs and facilities
  • Project strategic scenarios

Committee on Trustees

  • Assesses the performance of the Education Community as a whole and of its indiviual members and of the environment.
  • Conducts exit interviews with departing Education Community members.
  • Reviews the school’s strategic goals and major strategies to discover what skills, experiences, and relationships the Education Community needs to possess today and in the future.
  • Reviews the demographics of the current Education Community.
  • Develop a list of essential criteria for new Education Community members based on a thorough assessment of the Education Community’s and school’s needs.
  • Continuously add to the candidate pool and encourage education community members, individuals outside the immediate school community, parents, grandparents, and alumni  to identify potential new education community members.
  • Encourage Education Community development, training , and knowledge.

2 Responses to Standing Committees

  1. Kim Glasgal says:

    Regarding the Head Support/Evaluation, what qualifies as a major operations level objective? As a parent who has students enrolled in the school I would like to be clear on the what the various committees/communities/sub-commitees are working on. Thank you for posting this information on-line for parents to view!

  2. Kim Glasgal says:

    Who is leading each of the sub-committees? How are sub-committee members being chosen?

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