Message from Vice President of Education

Two years ago, I started my term with a message defining governance. It
read, “Governance relates to decisions that define expectations, grant power, or
verify performance. School governance includes all of the principles, models,
and practices that enable our Education Communities/Committees to effectively
direct the workings of the school by focusing on defining the vision and strategic
objectives for the school with actual implementation of those strategies reserved
to the principals of each of our schools”

I am proud to report that all of our Education Communities/Committees of the
Day School, Preschool, Religious School, and High School programs have
been practicing good governance and have created a road map for the next
three years for each of our schools individually and collectively as the Galinsky
Academy. Our Principals are now charged with the task of implementing the
plans. Our Education Communities/Committees are now charged with evaluating
the progress of the plans and making adjustments as tasks are accomplished
and redefined. Dedicated professionals and lay leaders have taken their jobs
seriously and have set the new Galinsky Academy Education Cabinet up for

This past year, the JJC board created an education task force to research the
vision of a JJC Education Academy model where our 4 synagogue schools would
be collaborating, sharing resources, and coordinating our JJC youth’s education
from birth to high school graduation. In April, the task force presented the
governing principles of the JJC’s Galinsky Academy Education Cabinet. If you
are interested in viewing these governing principles, please stop by the Martin J.
Gottlieb Day School Office.

Within the governing principles of the Education Cabinet of the Galinsky
Academy, the structure for the Education Cabinet is defined. Here is a summary
with the names of the people who will be serving.

The Education Cabinet is chaired by the JJC Vice President of Education. There
are 17 voting members of the Education Cabinet which is almost complete.
These voting members include all of the committee chairs, members at large,
and the executive vice president of the JJC. Below the voting members and their

titles are listed:

Cabinet Chair: Alyse Nathans
Cabinet Vice Chair: Lynn Maiman
Treasurer (Finance/Budget Chair): Michael Setzer
Committee on Trustees Chair: Mauri Mizrahi
Development Chair: Kim Glasgal-Levy (Non-voting member-employee)
HOS Support and Evaluation Chair: Jon Israel
Marketing/Admissions Chair: Claudia Margolis
PTA President: Rebecca Fixel (Non-voting member-employee)
Day School Education Chair: Gabrielle Bubis
Preschool Education Chair: Lynda Gridley
Religious School/High School Education Chairs: Faye Mizrahi & Stacy Leach

Member at Large: Jesse Bannon
Member at Large: Erica Jolles
Member at Large: Debby Kaye
Member at Large: Dan Levitan
Member at Large: Penny Marks
Member at Large: Sheri Weiss
Member at Large: Morrie Zimmerman

Executive Vice President of the JJC: Fred Pozin

Thank you to Jon Mitzmacher and the rest of the Education task force for working
so hard this year to set the Galinsky Academy Education Cabinet up for success.

Also thank you to all of the Day School, Preschool, Religious School and High
School Education Community/Committee and sub-committee members for giving
their time, expertise, and resources to our schools for the past 2 years. None of
this important work happens without all of you.

I am so proud of our schools and it has been an honor to serve as the
Jacksonville Jewish Center Vice President of Education.


Mauri Mizrahi
Vice President of Education

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