New Religious School Policy

The Bernard and Alice Selevan Religious School of the Jacksonville Jewish Center has a new Customized Learning Plan Policy.

The Customized Learning Plan Policy is designed to meet the needs of students who have an individual learning plan (IEP) in their primary schools.  The plan enables the Religious School faculty to design a learning experience that meets the child’s academic needs.

How will these students be identified?

1.  Parents will communicate with the Religious School Principal that their child has an IEP in their primary school and he/she may need some adjustments to be made for this child to perform optimally in the Religious School.

2.  Teachers, through class and student monitoring may identify a student who may need to customize his learning in order to maximize his learning experience.

What is the next step once a student is identified?

The child’s parents will meet with the special education professional, the Principal of the Religious School the child’s teachers, and the Rabbi if deemed necessary.  The parents will provide a copy of their child’s IEP from their primary school.  The parents must also grant permission for the Religious School administration to contact any teachers, guidance counselors, or administrators from the child’s primary school as needed.

How will the Customized Learning Plan be formulated?

As a team, the Principal, teachers, and parents will decide what will be appropriate for each child.  Because it is customized, each student’s plan will look different.

The goal of the Customized Learning Plan Policy is to provide the best Jewish educational experience for all of our students.

Every Jewish child has the right to a Jewish education.

For more information, please call 292-1000 and ask for the Religious School.

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