To Kill a Mockingbird Projects

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In Language Arts class, we read to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Afterwards, we had to choose two projects to do on the book. I decided to create a board game and write a poem.


This is my poem. It is on all the major events that take place in the book.

Atticus’s kids are Scout and Jem

So far, nothing has happened to them

They are so naive and young

Not yet learned how to control their tongue


It began when Dill arrived

With him, they thrived

He made up lots of stories and lies

They pretended to be many things like spies


They were all fascinated by the Radley place

No one had ever seen Boo Radley’s face

They wanted to make him come out

Jem was persuaded to touch it by Dill and Scout


Jem and Scout started school

Scout had to learn to follow the rules

She got in trouble for knowing how to read

When the bell rang, she was freed


School continued and was boring as could be

Then one day, Scout saw something in a tree

There was a piece of chewing gum

And it made Scout less glum


When summer came

They added another thing to their name

They found Indian-heads in the tree

There were two; not three


Dill came

And they made up a new game

They played “Boo”

And added more than what was true


Next, they decided to leave a note

Which Jem and Dill wrote

They used a pole

And unsuccessfully tried to stick it through a hole


At night they tried to sneak

And of Boo they wanted to get a peak

But they almost got shot

And Jem’s pants got caught


They found more gifts in the tree

Which they took for free

There was soap that looked like them

And a broken pocket-watch for Jem


Winter had many strange things

Snow is the first thing that it brings

Next at Miss Maudie’s house there was a fire

Fortunately, the situation wasn’t dire


Scout was made fun of because of  her dad

He was defending a black person, and in Maycomb that was bad

Atticus knew that he wasn’t going to win

But he was going to try, as if Tom was their kin


Miss Maudie said that to kill a mockingbird was a sin

All they did was sing and make us grin

Atticus shot a mad dog that was a threat

He did it without breaking a sweat


Jem destroyed Mrs. Dubose’s flowers

As a punishment, he had to read to her for hours

When Mrs. Dubose died

Neither Jem nor Scout cried


Atticus was away, so they went to the black church

To collect $10 for the Robinsons, the congregation had to search

When they got home, Aunt Alexandra had moved in

In Maycomb, it was like she had always been


Dill had run away and was hiding under Scout’s bed

His parents hadn’t given him any attention, so he had fled

Jem told Atticus and broke their childhood code

Atticus said he could stay and he didn’t goad


Atticus was in danger by a group of men

Jem yelled that the telephone was ringing just then

Jem asked if it was a gang that was out to get him

Atticus said the chances of having a gang in Maycomb were slim


At night, Jem sensed that something was wrong

Atticus was at the jail guarding Tom, even though he wasn’t strong

They went and fetched Dill

Because they knew he would like the thrill


They found Atticus at the jail

A car pulled up with men full of beer and ale

They wanted Tom, but Atticus said no

When Scout, Jem, and Dill appeared, Atticus told them to go


Finally, it was the day of the trial

Everyone was waiting for a while

The witnesses each spoke their part

Mayella Ewell wasn’t very smart


Eventually, it was Tom’s turn to speak

Although he was crippled, he wasn’t weak

He said that Mayella tried to kiss him

He refused her, while knowing that his future would be grim


Eventually, the results were in

Unfortunately, Tom didn’t win

Jem was so upset

Those were not the results he expected to get


Scout was with her aunt at a ladies lunch

They were a very gossipy bunch

Then Atticus came and told them the news

Tom had been shot because escape was what he decided to choose


Scout dressed up as a ham for a pageant on Halloween

But slept through the part when she was supposed to be seen

Jem comforted her after it was done

As they began their walk home, there wasn’t any sun


It was a dark and scary night

Jem heard something behind them and they both had a fright

They thought it was Cecil, but discovered it was a man

He attacked them and Scout ran


Scout tripped and heard the sounds of a fight

When the man grabbed her, she knew they were in a plight

Someone pulled him off of her, she thought it was Jem

Then there was silence; she began to realize it was not just them


A man was carrying Jem down the road

Scout followed them and watched him struggle with the load

Atticus called the doctor and sheriff when they arrived at the house

The strange man was quiet as a mouse


When the sheriff came, he said that Bob Ewell was dead

Scout had to say what happened before she went to bed

She looked once again at the man who saved her

And realized that it was Boo; her neighbor


Heck Tate said that Bob fell  on his knife

All Jem wanted to do was save his and Scout’s life

Scout escorted Boo home

As she stood on his porch, she was able to go in his shoes and roam



The second reflection that I decided to do was create a board game. The outer edges of the board include the main parts of Maycomb.


To play, the first person has to pick a card from the yellow pile. It will say a scenario that happens in the book, along with how many spaces forwards or backwards to move. If the scenario is something bad, the person will move backwards. If the scenario is something good, the person will move forwards. When they move, if they land on regular space, their turn will be over. If they land on a question mark, they will pick a blue card and answer the question. On the back, it will say the correct answer and how many spaces in which direction to move in if right or wrong. The first person to get back to the start place wins.



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