If I Were to Live in a Museum for the Rest of My Life

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Have you ever thought about if you had to live in one place for the rest of your life where you would live? Well, to narrow it down a bit, you have three options, a library, a museum, or a zoo. Which would you choose? Why would you choose it? Would it be relaxing, exciting, or educational? Would it be fun or always something new to see or do? Would it always have adventures? Do you love reading or animals? Do you love exploring and learning? Do you love having fun? Well, I am going to tell you which I chose and why.




If I had to pick to live in a library, museum, or zoo for the rest of my life, I would choose museum. I had a pretty hard time deciding between museum and library. I like animals because I have a dog, but a zoo isn’t the life for me. With library, I love books, but life would be pretty dull. Eventually, I would have read all the books. With a museum, I would have learned all about the old things that happened in history, and even seen things from them. Now I will tell you a few more reasons why I would choose museum.

I would choose museum because of all the interesting things I could learn about that is to do with history. I would become an expert! It would also be very educational. Can you imagine living in a museum? I would always have something to do and explore and it would be so much fun! There would always be new things to explore. There would be so many cool exhibits! The museum would also be a great place to play games like hide and seek. I have been to the Louvre in Paris, France and I loved all the paintings, especially the Mona Lisa. I also love the statues and old artifacts. At night, I would sleep in a small hidden room with paintings on the walls. I would get food and water from the museum cafe. It would be so cool to live in a museum for the rest of my life! If you had to live in a museum, a library, or a zoo for the rest of your life which would you choose and why?


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