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For the last month we have been doing Quad Blogging. As you have probably guessed, Quad Blogging has something to do with the number four, as quad means four. Quad blogging, is when four schools from four different countries, choose a month and do blogging. The teachers all contact each other and decide which class goes first, which goes second, which goes third, and which goes fourth. When my class was doing Quad Blogging, we did it with Thailand, Switzerland, and Czech Republic. We were the fourth country. The class from Thailand was 5th Grade. The class from Czech Republic was 3rd Grade. The  class from Switzerland was 4th Grade, like us. The first week, the individual students from Thailand all made their blogs their best while everyone else commented. Then, was Czech Republic. After that was Switzerland, and then us. 

What I liked about quad blogging is that you get to connect with kids from all around the world. It was very fun writing, commenting, and replying to comments. It was such an amazing experience!

Our writing improved so much with both  commenting and blogging. We started with 1-2 sentences on commenting. Now, we are doing at least 1 paragraph in our comments. We learned to use fancy words  instead of plain words, instead of pretty, we use words

like exquisite or lovely. We also learned to add on to the post. In blogging our writing has also improved a lot. Because we have been given interesting topics, our posts are a lot more interesting. We all have improved so much!

This is the quad blogging symbol. I also have it on the side of my blog.



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