The Mystery of The Vanishing Magician

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There was once a magician. The  magician was very skilled. Many children wanted to be like him. Then one day, the magician vanished…

Chapter One- The Disappearance

There were two children; Evelyn and Fred. They had been so excited to go and watch the magician again. They loved all the magic tricks he performed. However, they were to be disappointed. The next morning, while walking to the place where the magician was to perform, they caught sight of the headlines on the newspaper. The newpaper read “Mysterious Disappearance! Local Magician Vanishes.” The children then stopped to investigate further. They read the article- it said that the magician had just disappeared. He was seen and then he vanished. A few people had thought it was a trick, and that he was pretending at first, but then they realized that he was not.

Chapter Two- The Clue

After reading the article, the children realized that the mystery was what the headlines had said. The magician had just disappeared. No one knew how it had happened.

The children looked around the spot where the magician had last been seen. They saw nothing peculiar, except a crumbled handkerchief with the initials  J.W.

That’s it!” Evelyn suddenly yelled. ” The person that has something to do with the magician’s disappearance name starts with the initials J.W.!”

“You’re right,” Jack agreed. “Now all we have to do is find out what secrets J.W. is keeping from everyone else.”

The two children went back to their house and began to look up people with the initials J.W. in the phonebook.

Chapter Three- Spying on the Suspects

After looking looking for a while, Fred found a couple of suspects. “Jane Williams.” he said. “John Whitman.” Evelyn however had another suspect to announce, “What about Josh Watson! Let’s go and spy on all of them.” Evelyn said. “You take Josh Watson. I’ll take Jane Williams and John Whitman. Meet back here at 4:00 sharp. Let’s go!”

The person that Fred was to spy on was Josh Watson. He knew that Josh Watson was a doctor, (just like Watson from Sherlock Holmes) so he decided to hide outside the doctor’s office where Watson worked. After waiting for thirty minutes, Watson finally came out. When he came out, Watson was talking with another person. A doctor perhaps. He was saying, “He is going to have to listen. I won’t stand it anymore.” Fred wrote this all down on his notepad. “That was certainly suspicious.” Fred thought. He then followed Watson home and peered inside his windows. Inside the house, there was nothing unusual. Fred looked around for anything to do with hiding something,  but there wasn’t. Finally he decided Josh Watson could be crossed off the list. “One down, three to go.” Fred thought.

Evelyn had decided to spy on Jane Williams. Jane Williams was the daughter of an English nobleman.  She had moved to the town with her husband. Evelyn had always been envious of her. Evelyn saw her come of of the house with her husband. She heard them, but they were only talking about how they would redecorate their house. Evelyn looked inside the house. However, Evelyn could not see because they had their curtains tightly closed. “How odd.” Evelyn thought. “They usually have their curtains open.” She then managed to peak inside the house and saw it was only because they were having their house redecorated and didn’t want people to see.  Evelyn then knew that Jane was innocent.

Evelyn looked at her watch. She had twenty minutes left to spy on John Whitman. He was a lawyer and very respected in the community. She knew that if he was the one they were looking for, they would have a hard time accusing him. Because she knew where he lived, she decided to check out his house first. In his house, she saw something moving on the floor.  It looked as if it were trying to get to the door. It was tightly roped which made it hard to move. Evelyn thought it was a pet at first, but she remembered that John Whitman did not have pets. She then wondered, “Can this be the magician?”  She looked at her watch and saw it was time to go. She promised herself she would return to investigate.

Chapter Four- Rescuing the Magician

Evelyn and Fred returned to their house at 4pm to discuss what they had seen.  Fred started telling Evelyn what he had seen and heard.  Evelyn was very excited to tell Fred about the mysterious thing she had seen on the floor. She also told Fred that she knew Jane Williams was innocent. Fred and Evelyn agreed that John Whitman was the J.W. on the handkerchief.   They made up a plan to rescue what they hoped was the missing magician.

Evelyn’s job was to distract John Whitman and Fred was to sneak in and help the thing on the floor.  They hurried over to the house and went into action.  Evelyn started to talk to John Whitman while Fred crept into the house. Fred realized that the object that Evelyn had seen was actually a person! Fred untied the person and saw that it was in fact the missing magician.

Life went back to normal for Evelyn and Fred and the magician went back to performing magic tricks. However, no one knew what had happened when the magician had disappeared.


 When Evelyn and Fred grew up they became famous detectives and were known throughout the world for their skill. They both had a happy life to the end and many people still honor them.



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  1. Andrea Mail

    February 10th, 2012 at 1:44 am

    What an exciting story, Zoe! I was really intrigued as to what was going to happen as your writing was very suspenseful. Do you enjoy reading mysteries? Who’s your favorite detective?

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  3. Dr. Jon Mitzmacher

    February 10th, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    Oh my goodness Zoe! Did you write this all by yourself? You are an AMAZING writer! Must be all that reading you are doing.

    I cannot wait to read your next story!

  4. avatar
  5. stephanie.teitelbaum

    February 12th, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    I really loved this story. It reminded me of an “Encyclopedia Brown” mystery, or something similar. It definitely kept my interest and made we want to know more. Keep up the great writing.

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