Edgar Allan Poe Then And Now

In our Language Arts class, our teacher Mrs. Teitelbaum assigned our whole class various famous poets. I was assigned Edgar Allan Poe.  Edgar Allan Poe is the one of the most famous and well known poets. Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 9th, 1809 and he died on October 7, 1849 in Baltimore, Maryland. Edgar Allan Poe was 40 years old when he died.

Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry is about romantic love and death. He also was known for his poem The Raven. The poem, The Raven, is a narrative poem. The poem is also known for its musicality, stylized language and supernatural happenings. He was also known for writing short stories, poems, being an editor, and a literary critic. Edgar Allan Poe was the first person ever to write in the genre of detective fiction. He is the inventor of that genre of detective fiction people say.

I have read several of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poems. Some of the poems that I have read are            A Dream Within A Dream, A Dream, A valentine, Annabel Lee. It’s hard for me to relate it to my life because,  I have not had those types of experience with death or with love, and because all of his poems that I have read have been about death and dying. He was goth and goth people love to thrive on the dark side. I am not goth and I do not like to thrive on the dark side.

In conclusion Edgar Allan Poe was a very famous poet, author, editor and critic. In fact, he is still thriving. On October 23, 2013, Edgar Allen Poe guest starred, well his ghost self did, in the hit Comedy Central show South Park. The episode was called Goth Kids 3 dawn of the posers.


It was about this goth girl named Harrietta whose parents made her go to this camp. When she came back, she was not goth any more. Now she is emo. The goth kids think that  emo people will take over the world. They go to the vampire kids and tell them. The goths and vamp kids both agree to summon their first ever leader Edgar Allan Poe. They summon him, and Poe agrees to help them. He shoots the plants that they thought were turning people emo. After he shoots the plants, Edgar Allen Poe sees that these plants had a tag and that they were bought at Lowes.  The plants had nothing to do with turning people emo. It turns out it was just a scarey  TV show pranking everyone this whole time.     Edgar Allan Poe will be forever remembered and his works of art will be used in so many ways. Edgar Allan Poe will live on forever.

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