Quad Blogging Reflections

For the last month we have been doing Quad Blogging. Last week, was the last week of our quad blogging. Quad means four. The four countries in the Quad Blogging were Thailand, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and last but not least the USA. The children in Thailand are in 5th grade. The children Czech Republic is in third grade. The children Switzerland is in fourth grade Those are the four countries in the Quad Blogging. Here is the link to Thailand students’ blogs, Thailand. Here is a link to Switzerland’s students blogs. Here is a link to Czech Republic’s blog.   Here is a picture of the Quad Blogging Teams.


I thought the Quad Blogging was great because you get to go to other blogs out of the USA. When it was almost time to start the Quad Blogging, we had to do a rubric for quality commenting and quality blogging. The rubrics helped me a lot to become a better blogger and commenter. What we had to do was pick our best comment that we made and our best blog post that we made and it would be assessed.

I think that I really improved on my blogging and commenting. I liked doing the commenting and blogging rubric because I can see how much I improved on my blogging and commenting from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. I learned how to add more information to my comments. For my blog posts and comments I learned how to use sophisticated words.

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