Steven Donziger is Coming To Our School!!!

This week, for our writing assignment for Mrs. Teitelbaums class, we had to write to write a mock letter to our principal. The letter was about that he offered to invite a celebrity to our school to have an inspirational speech to the students.  The celebrity I chose was Steven Donziger. I know many of you have not heard of Steven Donziger, but I will tell you now he is a really funny and nice man




Dear Rabbi Rogozen,

I have heard that you are willing to invite a celebrity to make a speech at our school. I hope you haven’t chosen anyone yet, because I have a great celebrity that will come and speak to us students. I guarantee you will like him. His name is Steven Donziger. He is a lawyer from Jacksonville, Florida and he is Jewish. Please Rabbi Rogozen and listen to some ideas of have because Steven Donziger can influence us students to do good things.

One main Reason you should have Steven talk to us is because he is Jewish and from Jacksonville. In fact he went to our school when it was in downtown Jacksonville. He could explain how he was raised Jewish and how the school was differently in terms of size with students. He could also talk about Harvard University because he went there for law school. This is all important because Steven proves that if you work hard in school, then you can accomplish anything,

Second main reason is that Steven Donziger helps fight for people with unfair rights. For example one time he helped detainees from Cuba to become free. Also Steven is fighting for people in Ecuador whose village homes were polluted with toxic waste by the American gas company Chevron. This is important because the villagers in Ecuador don’t know how to stand up to Chevron. This is basically like bullying and Steven is not being a bystander.

Third main reason why he should come and speak is He is involved in a major lawsuit. For the past twenty years, Steven Donziger has been involved in a major lawsuit against the gas company Chevron. Chevron has been dumping waste in Ecuador for over twenty years. On trial Chevron was supposed to pay eighteen billion dollars but soon it was lowered to nine billion dollars. Chevron still hasn’t paid. Steven Donziger has been trying to get them to do whats right for years and still nothing. This is important because first justice will prevail. Second is that though he hasn’t won or lost yet Steven Donziger never gives up.

In the end, I feel very strongly about having Steven Donziger come to our school to talk to the students. He is from Jacksonville and Jewish, so he can relate to us students well. Though he is semi famous he can relate to boys and girls by talking about school and the case. Also he can give his view about current anti-Semitic acts and how he feels about them. He can also talk to us about never giving up. I shall hope that you consider Steven Donziger when you are choosing  a celebrity to come talk at our school. Thank you for considering this suggestion.


Zachary S

7th grade student

Happy Passover

four our mitzvah trip last week, we went to Mt. Carmel to do a passover seder. We do this every year because the old lonely people who live there may not be able to attend anyones seder. This is important because that way every old person at mt. Carmel could get to be at a seder if they had no where to go. In Jewish law, there are a lot of mitzvot for a lot of things. We performed a mitzvah by doing the laws of passover by performing a seder.

To Kill a Mocking Bird Acts of Being Prejudice

In Mrs. Teitelbaums class, our class read the famous well known book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  To Kill a Mockingbird is about the life of Scout (aka Jean Louis) Finch and her family. You have to read the book to find out why the book is called To Kill a Mockingbird.



In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus (one of the main characters) told his kids Jem and Scout to not catch ‘Maycomb’s usual disease. This isn’t talking about a disease like sick stuff. What Atticus is actually talking about with the disease part is actually  being prejudice. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, there are lots of scenes in the book where at least one person is being prejudice against someone. I am now going to explain to you a few examples from the book, explain how being prejudice starts and explain what we can do as people to end the act of being prejudice.

The book To Kill a Mockingbird doesn’t just have examples of being prejudice as in the form of racism. For example, Arthur Boo Radley. Arthur Boo Radley is the neighborhood myth, but he is a real person.  Boo had a troubled past.  After a rowdy youth and strict upbringing, he seems to have been isolated in his own house for many years.  He has no company or friends, and only timid and clandestine interaction with the Finch children. He is a sign of being prejudice because people were very intolerant to him because he was different.

The act of being prejudice doesn’t just go away in the blink of an eye. Being prejudice has been going on for along time and in fact it still goes on today. A way being prejudice can start is by hearing someone you know or someone you admire be prejudice. For example, when we see lots of children follow acts of being prejudice, we think why are they saying that. The answer is because their parents must do it. Children pick up a lot of stuff from their parents. Its just the example they are being taught is the wrong example to send in kids heads.

How can we end this? Well, there is a way to end the acts once in for all. One way to end it is that we have to set the right example for children. We have to teach them that all those prejudice slurs and anything else they say or do is wrong. We have to show them the right path in life which is not being prejudice no matter what. We also need to stop doing it to and if someone else is doing it, we need to tell that person that thats not good we don’t except that here.


What is the Probability of this blog post again being about Probability

This week we learned about independent and dependent events. An Independent event for example is a coin landing heads this toss and tails another time. A dependent event is drawing a heart and a spade from the deck at the same time. Lets try one together. Say theres a spinner numbered one to five. What is the probability of landing on 5 three times. 1/5 times 1/5 times 1/5= 1/125. You then divide it and your final answer is 0.008.

What is the Probability of this blogpost being about Probability?

In math this week, we learned about probability. Probability is the measure of how likely an event is. Lets say I had a spinner with the colors yellow, green, red and blue. When it asked you what is the probability of the spinner landing on red. Its actually asking  What are the chances of landing on red? You know that it is a one and four chance which is your answer. 1/4

Common don’t you want your commission?

Today in math class, we learned how to find the commission in sales. There is a formula for this. The formula is the commission rate also known as the percent x sales= the commission. Lets try one together.

The problem is 3% x 97,500=…..  You can’t multiply a percent so you have to turn it into a decimal. So you move it two places to the left which would be .03. Now you can multiply it. Your problem would be 97,500 x .03=2925.

Save The Earth!!!


Last week we celebrated the Jewish holiday called Tu B’Shvat. Tu B’Shvat is the Jewish holiday celebrating trees and plants. Tu B’Shvat is very simular to the holiday Earth Day. We did get to celebrate Tu B’Shvat but doing a Tu B’Shvat seder. For our mitzvah trip on Friday, we got to plant kale and lettuce plants at a community garden. The people who are apart of the garden are very poor and this helps teach them healthy eating habits. I loved it because I helped do the mitzvah of planting a tree.

Story with holes

A man is running away from home. A second man is running after him. The second man is wearing a mask. Who are they and where are they going?


A: It is a baseball game. The man running away from home just hit the ball. The man with the mask is the catcher who retrieved the ball and is chasing the runner to tag him out.

Stop and Stay!

For the Journal this week Morah Eta posted the music video for the 1960s pop song Walk on By by Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick. This song had to do with relationship stuff but Morah Eta asked us what it has to do with the homeless. I think the song has to do with the homeless is the title because its true. When you or a person is walking and you see a homeless person, you will most likely walk on by just like the title walk on by. No one will do anything they just leave you there.