Story with Holes

Q: A man went into a hardware store and priced certain items.  He was told that they were 25 cents each.  The man replied, “I would like one hundred please.”  The store clerk charged him 75 cents.  How was this possible?


A: He bought a 1 and two zeros.

Begining to Now

This year in Mrs. Teitelbaum’s class, we had to do this public speaking assignment called a book commercial. A book commercial is when we read a book and sort of presenting a summary of the book out loud to the class because it helps improve our public speaking skills. The commercials have to include a picture of the book and script. The has to include title, author, genre, recomendation, and a rate of the book. Every student this year has done four commercials. I am now going to compare my self from the first commercial to my last one.

At the beginning of the year I hated book commercials. My first book commercial was on the book Swindled by Gordon Korman. I hated that book so much because it was really boring. The first one I was really nervous so I was laughing and shaking for no reason at all. I also was not prepared on my script even though I was practicing it a bunch of times I would still not remember it.

That was me from the beginning of the year. My last book commercial was on  May 1,2015. The book I chose was At the Plate with Ken Griffey Jr. by Matt Christopher.  That book was way better than swindled.  I watched the video of my self from the end of the year. I improved in a couple areas. I improved by not laughing as much,by not shaking at all, and by making more eye contact with people instead of looking at the wall. All those accomplishments make so happy right now.

Why I need to work on??? There is always room for improvement no matter who you are. It helps you get better at what you are doing. I need to improve on a few areas. One of the areas I need to improve on is mumbling. I will accomplish this by practicing what I say before so that way I know what I am saying. The second area I need to work on is rehearsing my script. I will accomplish this goal by practice it and saying it a lot of times.



Welcome To Andrew Jackson Academy

Jacksonville, Florida- Do you hate your school? If so because of the students or the teachers? Do you hate the lunches? What about The size? These problems are starting to be fixed now. There is a new school that is going to be built here in Jacksonville. This new school is called Andrew Jackson Academy. It will be for grades 6-12 and it is a public/charter school. To get into the school there is a lottery. So far a total of 1500 kids have been accepted. Principal Matt Kranchick says,  “The school will have a total of 1600 students.” The school was built using all of the most exclusive technology ever. All of Your school books can be obtained by an app for any device. You will just have to download the app, put your name and school id account. All your books and report card will be on the apps. There is also a dormitory where the students can live. Let me take you on a tour of the school.


I have just entered the school. Did you know this school is two stories? Also the school has a total of 10,546 sq ft. I am in the hallway which is very big. I see a giant tv screen where they broadcast live events. I see that the lockers are located on both levels and are extremely large in comparison to the average locker. There are a total of three buildings here.  Oh my I see a couple of students for orientation. I asked one of the middle school students named Butters Stotch about the hallways. Butters said, “ Wow this hallway is unbelievable for size. The white and teal walls bring out the light. I still can’t believe there is a giant TV in here. The smell of the hallway smells really nice like shampoo. I wish there were schools this big in Colorado with nice friends too.”


Now I have walked through every classroom in the two buildings which took a long time. Each classroom for both middle school and high school are very big with lots of space. I also have gotten a chance to talk to every teacher in the school. The teachers have had a chance to meet every student. The teachers are looking forward to be teaching this coming up fall. The teachers seem really nice so parents you don’t have to worry a bit.


Now I have walked into the humongous gymnasium. This gym has a basketball court and a volleyball court. The locker room is connected to the court. You can just walk straight from the locker room and you would be at the court.  There are wooden seats plus bleachers. Bleachers even under the basket. I can still smell the wood from when they were building this court. There are a total of 2000 seats.  There is a lever to pull which switches the courts not the bleachers. Now I have walked outside and I see the clean football field with a giant scoreboard. Its like the size of the Jacksonville Jaguars scoreboard. The football stadium has a total of 2500 seats/bleachers. Now the baseball field which is clean cut grass and very big. I can smell all of the dirt from the outfield and the pitchers mound. This stadium has a total of 1800 seats. You can press buttons which will have the batting practice net covers coming to set itself up on wheels. I can’t wait for sports seasons to start. This also a locker room connected to this field and the football field.


Now I am in the gigantic cafeteria room because I have been walking for a long time so I need some food. There is also another upstairs. The chefs are really nice and they are a total of forty chefs here. Most of these chefs have worked for many good restaurants. Ten of them have worked at Ruth Chris Steak House for over ten years. They can make you whatever you want. Plus, there food has been certified kosher. You can go off campus for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. “I am eating a hamburger and it is so yummy.”


Andrew Jackson Academy whether you love it or hate it I think we can all agree that the school is gigantic. Remember it is not too late to enter the lottery. You could be a student here if you want to be. Just remember everyone here is really nice. The school takes any kind of bullying seriously. Come to Andrew Jackson Academy. Grades are six through twelve.


Remember Him For Centuries

On December 25, 2014 Our community lost a man connected to our community. Scott Zimmerman was the ritual director of our synogouge. He taught many students torah and prayers for their bar/bat mitzvahs. We will be honoring him this coming up holiday Shavuot. He taught me to read torah and I would like to read torah on his behalf. He influenced me for my bar mitzvah for doing two readings at my bar mitzvah which I thought was impossible but he told to try and never give up. “A righteous man falls down seven times and gets up.” RIP Scott Zimmerman

Story with Holes

Two identical twins (biologically and physically identical) go into a corner candy store and each orders a glass of soda. The contents of the glasses are identical. Each twin drinks the soda and finishes it. One twin lives and one twin dies. Why?

A: The twins are identical twins NOT TO EACH OTHER but to two different people

My Wannabe Brother

Imagine that you were a character. You are a character from a book,movie, or TV show. This character everyone says you resemble. So who would your character be? I know who my character would be. I chose Kyle Broflovski from South Park which is the hit TV Show on Comedy Central. For many of you who are confused why I chose it or who is he here is a little background information about Kyle Broflovski. Kyle Broflovski is in the fourth grade. His best friends are Stan, Cartman and Kenny. He plays sports and gets in trouble with his friends.



One similarity is that both Kyle and I are Jewish. We both come from Jewish families and we are raised to be Jewish. Kyle and I both feel lonely in our neighborhoods during holidays such as Christmas because all of our neighborhood friends are celebrating the holiday so they won’t come outside to play. Both of us often get by other kids for being Jewish. Let Kyle and I both tell you from experiences its not fun.


A second similarity between Kyle and I is that we like to play sports and be outside with our friends. Everybody who knows me knows that I love to be outside no matter if its playing sports, biking, swimming, taking a walk, exploring the woods, or just sitting down to talk. The point is I love being outside no matter what. Kyle and his friends do the same things I do. They often get into more trouble doing those things.


A third similarity between Kyle and I is that we are funny. Everybody who knows me knows i love to laugh. If you said something to me I will probably laugh because I laugh at almost everything that people tell me. Kyle can be really funny to. An example of it is when his friend Eric Cartman mocks fun of Kyle for being a Jew. Kyle comes up with the funniest comebacks after Eric Cartman mocks him for being Jewish.


The last similarity between Kyle and I is that we both are not afraid to say what is on our mind no matter what other people think. Kyle always says comments when Cartman makes fun of him and when after kenny dies. He says to Cartman shut up and then a bad word. After Kenny dies Stan and Kyle say O my gawd they killed kenny and a bad word. I speak my mind for the same things when someone makes fun of me.

In conclusion Kyle and I are very similar to each other. We are Jews who love to speak our minds no matter what people think. We love to be funny and be active outside. Make sure you go visit Kyle by watching South Park on Comedy Central.

Steven Donziger is Coming To Our School!!!

This week, for our writing assignment for Mrs. Teitelbaums class, we had to write to write a mock letter to our principal. The letter was about that he offered to invite a celebrity to our school to have an inspirational speech to the students.  The celebrity I chose was Steven Donziger. I know many of you have not heard of Steven Donziger, but I will tell you now he is a really funny and nice man




Dear Rabbi Rogozen,

I have heard that you are willing to invite a celebrity to make a speech at our school. I hope you haven’t chosen anyone yet, because I have a great celebrity that will come and speak to us students. I guarantee you will like him. His name is Steven Donziger. He is a lawyer from Jacksonville, Florida and he is Jewish. Please Rabbi Rogozen and listen to some ideas of have because Steven Donziger can influence us students to do good things.

One main Reason you should have Steven talk to us is because he is Jewish and from Jacksonville. In fact he went to our school when it was in downtown Jacksonville. He could explain how he was raised Jewish and how the school was differently in terms of size with students. He could also talk about Harvard University because he went there for law school. This is all important because Steven proves that if you work hard in school, then you can accomplish anything,

Second main reason is that Steven Donziger helps fight for people with unfair rights. For example one time he helped detainees from Cuba to become free. Also Steven is fighting for people in Ecuador whose village homes were polluted with toxic waste by the American gas company Chevron. This is important because the villagers in Ecuador don’t know how to stand up to Chevron. This is basically like bullying and Steven is not being a bystander.

Third main reason why he should come and speak is He is involved in a major lawsuit. For the past twenty years, Steven Donziger has been involved in a major lawsuit against the gas company Chevron. Chevron has been dumping waste in Ecuador for over twenty years. On trial Chevron was supposed to pay eighteen billion dollars but soon it was lowered to nine billion dollars. Chevron still hasn’t paid. Steven Donziger has been trying to get them to do whats right for years and still nothing. This is important because first justice will prevail. Second is that though he hasn’t won or lost yet Steven Donziger never gives up.

In the end, I feel very strongly about having Steven Donziger come to our school to talk to the students. He is from Jacksonville and Jewish, so he can relate to us students well. Though he is semi famous he can relate to boys and girls by talking about school and the case. Also he can give his view about current anti-Semitic acts and how he feels about them. He can also talk to us about never giving up. I shall hope that you consider Steven Donziger when you are choosing  a celebrity to come talk at our school. Thank you for considering this suggestion.


Zachary S

7th grade student

Happy Passover

four our mitzvah trip last week, we went to Mt. Carmel to do a passover seder. We do this every year because the old lonely people who live there may not be able to attend anyones seder. This is important because that way every old person at mt. Carmel could get to be at a seder if they had no where to go. In Jewish law, there are a lot of mitzvot for a lot of things. We performed a mitzvah by doing the laws of passover by performing a seder.