Dividing Fractions

This week we learned once again how to divide fractions. It is really easy. Lets say I had 1/3 divided by 8/3. What you do is you don’t divide them you multiply them. You do keep change flip. In this case we would keep the fraction to be 1/3, change the sign from dividing to multiplying sign, then flip the number on the right. In this case you changed it from 8/3 to 3/8.  You don’t need a common denominator to multiply. Do it as a normal multiplication problem. 1 times 3= 3. 8 times 3=24. Your answer would be 3/24. We need to always simplify the fraction if we can. The answer would be 1/8.

Holidays So many Holidays

Over the past month, we have celebrated many Jewish holidays.  The holidays that we have celebrated over the past month are Rosh Hashanah, Kol Neidre, Yom Kippur, Shmini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah. The most meaningful and most enjoyable holiday to celebrate  in my opinion was Simchat Torah.  It was very enjoyable, because I got to participate in the service and festivities,  and carry around the Torahs.  The holiday, Simchat Torah,  celebrates completing the cycle of the Torah.

I will clarify what I mean by the cycle of the Torah basically means it celebrates us finishing reading the whole entire Torah.  I don’t know what would make the holidays more meaningful to me, because they are very meaningful.    I think that I can learn more and more as each year goes by and this would make it more meaningful.  We have not established any new traditions in my family for the holidays this year.  One tradition that we do maintain is that we always have shabbat dinner.   I think a good way to enhance the celebration of Shabbat is to say all the prayers before and after every meal.   Another way to enhance Shabbat is to try to keep the Sabbath. These are some of the things I am going to try with my family to enhance our Shabbat. is what happened on the holiday.

Being A Slave

Last Thursday in Geveret Rogozen’s class she surprised us by dressing up like a pharaoh and treating us like we were real slaves. It scared when she walked in. She screamed. ” Slaves get over here now your going to work.”  We went down to the court yard and made walls out of bricks. They had to be perfectly straight or else she would tell us to redo the entire brick. First we would have to have hay, sand, and water and mix it with the brick. I did good on making my brick. She had little taskmasters checking the work of our bricks if they were good enough. This whole was to show a little of what the slavery was like for the Jews in ancient Egypt. It felt weird and funny working as a slave. When she walked in, I was laughing. It helped me understand what the life was for Jew slaves in ancient Egypt. I felt mad because everyone was bossing me around giving orders like a dog. I am so glad that I am not a slave today.






Sorry Sorry So Dear Sorry

We just celebrated the holiday of Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah is a holiday that lasts for to days and it celebrates the new Jewish new year. The holiday lasts for two days. After that holiday is Yom Kippur the most important Jewish holiday of the year. Between when Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, there is something called the ten days of repentance. God is finalizing the book of life and death. You threw away your sins and now god is watching until Yom Kippur when the book is finalized. Also we ask for forgiveness from all the people we hurt.

I need to repent a lot because I have hurt a lot of people. First, I want to say to my friends and other middle schoolers I am sorry for anything that I did. I hope you can forgive me and that we can move on. I hurt so many people it would take years to name every single person. I want to ask forgiveness for two very important reasons in my opinion. The first reason is, because I don’t want to die right now because I am to young to die. Second reason is because I just want to start over. It is never good to have grudges against anyone and it can make people go and do crazy things a lot of the time. I want to have a fresh start with everyone. So all I want is to anyone who is reading and I hurt them physically, and or emotionally I am sorry. I will try my best this year.


Image credits: Morah Eta’s blog

So b. It

In Mrs. Teitelbaum’s class, she read us the book So b. It by Sarah Weeks. The main characters are Heidi, Momma, and Bernie. The book is about 14 year old Heidi and her very sick mom in there apartment. Bernie who is afraid to leave hers takes care of them. Heidi mom always the word Suef and no one knows what it means.  I loved the book because it wasn’t all predictable and the book seemed true although the book wasn’t true. I rate the book So b. It 5 stars. The character that I think I am the most related to is Heidi. I think I am related to Heidi because she is lucky. In the book  she would go play slot machines even though she was under aged and she would win every single time she played them. I am lucky a lot. I predict sports scores and win prizes. If you like suspense, action, and drama this is the book for you. Will anyone figure out what suef means? Read the book So b. It by Sarah Weeks for all the answers.

Stuck In Neutral

In Morah Eta’s class, we read a book called Stuck in Neutral by Terry Trueman. The book is about a 14 year old boy named Sean who has cerebral palsy. His parents love him but his dad hates his misery of Sean. The book honestly had a terrible ending so Morah Eta is making us write the next chapter to Stuck in Neutral.

Chapter 17 What Just Happened

I was in my caesar and I saw my body with my dad. I saw him with the knife. I knew that he was going to kill me. I couldn’t blame him and I wish I could tell him, mom, Cindy, and paul that I love all of them. I wanted to see my self dead but I was so freaking scared. I love my dad. My dad said with tears on his face,” I am so sorry Sean please when you go to heaven please let me know you are in peace.” I started crying, because I am about to die.My dad holding a knife while he put a pillow over my face. I wish so much I can talk just once. I felt my spirit coming to my body realizing my caesar was ending.

There I went back in my body trapped from getting out. Then, I heard a noise somewhere. It was so loud. Someone was shooting people in our neighborhood. My dad and I hid in a closet. He was going to wait to kill me I hope.  Mom called she said she was stuck at work. I was thinking now no one can save me. We both heard and saw 5 people come in. They saw my dad and they held a gun up to his head. They told him ironically to shoot me.

I was so scared. They were three guys with guns and two others guarding the door. My dad grabbed the gun, aimed it at me and said, ” Shaun no matter what I will always love you.” I was crying just like my dad is. He pulled the trigger. Bullet was coming and it hit me a little. Then, my dad shot and killed one of the guys. My eye turned to the left and I saw cops. They saw this whole entire thing. They arrested the three guys and my dad. They called an ambulance for me and my dad wanted to come. There was one cop in there just incase my dad would shoot again.

My mom, Paul and Cindy came. They were all so mad at dad. During all this something was really weird. I could control my muscles. I wondered if I could talk. I tried and nothing worked. The doctors said it wasn’t  a major bullet hit but it did something to my head. The doctors said, “I was better because I could control my muscles. I showed my family they were so happy for me. The cops walked in.

I was going to try to talk because this is my last chance before they take my dad away forever. I said,” Wait, he did the right thing he knew I was suffering and he knew what was good for me. Please please don’t take him to jail. He was only going to do it cause he loves me.” Dad, I love you.” My dad said,” I love you to Shaun.” The cops drop the charges. My dad and I finally didn’t hate each other and my parents got back together. Disabled or not I know now how to live a life and not be stuck in neutral.



Story with holes

Q: A man lives on the twelfth floor of a building. Each morning he gets up, showers, gets dressed, takes the elevator to the first floor, and goes to work. Each evening he comes home, takes the elevator to the sixth floor, runs up to the twelfth floor and he’s home. Why doesn’t he take the elevator to the twelfth floor when he comes home?

A: The man is too short to reach the button for the twelfth floor. He can reach the bottom buttons so he can go down in the morning but he can only reach as high as the sixth button so that is why he walks the rest of the way up.

Falling Falling Ouch

It started as a good day with friends. It ended badly with tears. Whoever thought a day could go from good to worse so fast. All I have to say is, “Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, that really hurt.” No one could have ever predicted this would happen. My friends said the same thing.

It started off the day before when I woke up and went outside. I saw Blake, we went to the park. Then, we got Sam, Nick, and Daniel to come outside. We played football and basketball for hours. Then, we were invited in Nick and Sam’s house. We went in their house and we played a game called Flags. Flags is a game like Tackloko. That summer, we went in everyones house so far but mine. I said, ” My house tomorrow.” My friends said,” You sure man?” I replied, “Yes, I am sure.”

The next day came, and we went outside. We played and played so many sports that day. Then, I had to go to get pizza for dinner.  When I got back with my mom, she knew my friends were coming over later. I saw Nick and Sam with Sam’s friend. My mom said, ” Sam’s friend can’t come in because thats a lot of people.” Lucky for me, Sam’s friend left before anyone came in.” My mom didn’t know that four of my friends were coming for dinner.

The door bell rang ding dong, ding dong. I got the door and opened it. I saw Nick, Sam and Daniel at the door. I knew Blake was coming later. We played Flags, watched TV, and talked.  The door bell rang again. It was Blake. He already ate. We ate salad, pizza and played more sports. We decided to go outside. We threw our trash away and told my mom, ” Thank you.” When we got outside, Daniel asked,” Who wants to ride on my electric scooter. Blake and I answered, ” Me!” We both got on the scooter with Daniel. No one could ever predict what would happen next on that scooter.

Blake and I both held on tight on the scooter as Daniel was riding us from my house to Blake’s house five times. We were going to my house then we were going to ride around the neighborhood. I needed to go to my house tell my mom I was going around the neighborhood. We circled Blake’s house, I remembered leaning back. Next thing I knew I was on the ground because I fell than I skidded a few feet scraping my whole back.  Yes, I said fell. I remember I was trying to say ow ow, but I couldn’t say it because I was to weak. Blake and Daniel were helping me get back my house safely. I almost hid my head on a park car because I couldn’t move without someone helping me. I was just completely speechless. Surprisingly, I didn’t cry until I was in my house. My mom was looking at my back. It was all scraped up and bleeding. The lesson is never trust someone on an electric scooter that drives crazy.

I was in serious pain. I was laying down to help my pain and I couldn’t really talk. My body wouldn’t let me. My mom called my dad to come home from work as soon as possible. I couldn’t walk. My back hurt so much. When my dad got home, he and my mom were comforting me, which I loved. My mom called the doctors. They said,” It isn’t serious just have him wear a shirt all the time and get lots of rest.” That instant, I just remembered I had to go skating the next day. Wonder how that would turn out?