A Champions Story

The clock ticked 0:00, my teammates and I were cheering as my friends sprinted to me and  bear hugged me. I saw that we were champions as the score on the scoreboard said 36-32. I never predicted that we, the Celtics, could have had such a “Cinderella” season. This experience was one experience I could ever forget. The only words I have to say is, “It is not how you start it is how you finish.”


On January 12, 2014, I was really nervous. I was really nervous because it was our team, the, Celtics, first game which was against the Supersonics. This would be my first game in the JCA league since the 2010-11 season. My goal was to do better than I did before, because the last time my stats were 2 points 3 rebounds and 4 assists. The game started; I wasn’t a starter I was on the bench. When I got subed in, I thought I was ready. I got the ball I passed and rebounded. The game was over we lost 28-21. I finished the game with 1 rebound.


The next game was against the Bulls. We didn’t have our two best players, Adam and Isaac. Without them we were killed in a rout 27-10. I finally scored my first point of the season. It was scored on a free throw. The next week was the worst week of my life plus my team needed me. I was sick and had bronchitis and missed school the entire week. It was terrible. We were playing the Gators which had four of my friends on the team. I heard from my friends that my team lost 32-31 in overtime. I was mad and I felt like I swallowed tar. I knew that the losing must come to an end.


Since the Super Bowl was on February 2, 2014, our game that weekend was moved to Wednesday February 5. I went to school that week and I was feeling a lot better. I begged my parents to let me play the game. They said “yes”. None of my teammates knew that I was going to be at the game. When I arrived there at the court they were happy to see me. I was pumped and ready and I kept thinking to myself in warmups,  We are going to win this game! I told my teammates that too. I scored 2 points again, but we lost.


The next game we played the Bulls again. I was ready in fact, our whole  team was ready to win. We wanted revenge after they crushed us 27-10. Well let me tell you that we got our revenge by beating them 26-15. I was so happy that we won and got our revenge. The next game was even better.


The next game was against the Gators and I was glad to finally to play them. None of my friends on the team were there so they only had 5 players. That game was so fun and we took the lead right at the beginning and never looked back. We won and I scored 4 points and rejected someone. We crushed them by the score of 39-18. That Monday, I told two out of my four friends on the Gators the score. Itamar and Elior said, “ Your team only won because we were not there and half of the team wasn’t there.” I didn’t believe what they said because the next week it would come to the test.


We played the Gators in the first round of the playoffs. May the best friend win is what Itamar, Elior and I said, “May the best friend win.” The game was one of the best games I have ever played. I dove for the ball, stripped it, and blocked on defense. I also scored four points. We won 24-12. I was so happy that we were going to the championship. We were going to play the Bulls. May the best team win.


March 2, 2014, was a really nerve racking night. I was nervous because it was the championship game against the Bulls. This game was the biggest game of my life. I was ready. I was playing good defense and good offense, but I never scored when we got the ball. When the Bulls took a 30-27 lead with 10 seconds left,  they got the ball back; but I stole it, passed it to my friend Adam, who scored and tied it up. The game went into overtime and we simply took the lead and did not stop. We won the championship game against the Bulls by a score of 36-32.


March 2, 2014, was a really nerve racking night. I was nervous because it was the championship game against the Bulls. This game was the biggest game of my life. I was ready. I was playing good defense and good offense, but I never scored when we got the ball. When the Bulls took a 30-27 lead with 10 seconds left,  they got the ball back; but I stole it, passed it to my friend Adam, who scored and tied it up. The game went into overtime and we simply took the lead and did not stop. We won the championship game against the Bulls by a score of 36-32.

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The feeling of being a champion was amazing. I didn’t ever forget being a champion. “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” -Kevin Durant 2014 NBA MVP. “ I let the game come to me and get everybody involved.” –Nate Robinson. “Winning takes precedence over all. There’s no gray area. No almosts.” -Kobe Bryant. “It not how you start, its how you finish.” – Coach Collins. All those quotes are from NBA players. I think I represent these quotes because I played hard and I became a champion.


Hidden In Silence

Today all of the middle school but 8th grade watched a movie called Hidden In Silence. The movie was about the Holocaust. We had to answer three questions and here they are plus answers.

1. What was the secret Joseph and Fusia share?

A: The secret they both share is they both were hiding Jews.

2. What did Helena swallow in the ghetto why?

A: Helena swallowed the address at the ghetto because the Nazti saw her and she did not want to find it because they would’ve killed her and the 13 Jews in their house.

3. Why do think Christmas Eve was safe?

A: It was safe because all the Naztis would be celebrating christmas that they wouldn’t notice

Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom!!!!! No More Slavery!!!!!!!

Last Friday, our middle school finished watching a movie that we started yesterday. The movie has to relate to the Jewish holiday Passover which is coming up shortly. The movie was called I am Slave. The movie I am Slave is about a girl who lives in a village with her parents and other people in Sudan. One day at night some people on horses carrying guns came into the village and raided it. Getting all the children and selling them into slavery. She gets sold into slavery and the girl is bought by a Sudanese ambassador. She is a slave there for six years. She was twelve when she first got sold into slavery.

Everyday at the village the girls parents would be sad and trie to look for her. Her father left the village to go find her. During his job which is a garbage man, when he would pick up trash in the city and would ask the person if they’ve seen this person. He would hold up a picture of his daughter.  One day when he was working in the city, his daughter was there with her master. She was told to go to that building and pick up her masters things. When she was there she ran up and she could see her dad. She yells for him but he didn’t or hear her. Then, she decides to run to him. Just before she could open the door, there was a cop there with her master and they were pulling her back. Her father never heard her or saw her.

The Jewish holiday Passover is coming up in two weeks. The holiday Passover is about how the Jewish people were slaves in Egypt for 40 years. I think it was very good we saw this movie before Passover is because the movie was about slavery just like passover is about slavery. She also did escape and succeed her escape. The Jews escaped out of Egypt.

A bracha (blessing) that we say every morning is called Shasani ben chorine. This blessing thanks god for making us free and not slaves. It makes me feel really good that I do not have to suffer like a slave. If I was rich and I would buy a slave I would. I would buy a lot of the slaves because I could give them a good place to sleep, good food, clothes, and money so they could survive.

Hello Remember Me……..

Last week, we lost a beloved member of our community. This person who we lost in the community was apart of our synagogue for 60 years. The person lived to be 103 years old before they died. Her name was Tessie Taxier. Now, I have a couple of questions for you.

Since her legacy included her influence on our middle school students for the past 12 years, playing the piano for many, and being a devoted Jewish woman, I have a question for you. What do you want your legacy to be?

I want my legacy to be that I smiled and never gave up. I don’t want people to remember how I started, but how I finished something. That is a true lesson in life.

Now in life there are so many things that happen to everyone. Someone asked me, ” What do you want people to remember you for?” I want people to remember me for my kindness, happiness, and my mood because that all affects your life, no matter if you believe it or not, it still affects your life.

In your life you will do a lot that will affect you. My final question is,” What mark do you want to leave on the world?” The mark that I want to leave on the world is that making sure that I am doing my job to help and make the world a better place. For example, helping the homeless, help picking up trash, and volunteer anywhere that could use anyone’s help and there are a lot of places that need help.




If you are wondering why my title says Freeeeeeedom!!!, it is because of what happened last week on Friday. Last Friday in the morning, 6th, 7th, and 8th at our school went to school early to make breakfast.  The breakfast was not just for us, it was for other people who were coming.  The people who were coming were from South Florida.  They are the Immokalee farm workers and tomato pickers.  We were serving them breakfast because they do not get to eat a lot.

Now, let me backtrack for you to tell you about the Immokalee tomato pickers.  The Immokalee tomato pickers are farmers who are tomato pickers.  They are slaves and they get paid under minimum wage.  They work in the hot sun in very harsh conditions in Immokalee, Florida.

On Saturday night, we started celebrating the holiday purim.  One of mitzvot of purim is to give gifts to the poor.  In hebrew, the word for gifts to the poor is matanot l’evyonim.  We fed them breakfast.  I think we followed the mitzvah of matanot l’evyonim because they do not get to eat all the time.  They get very little meals.  We fed them hashbrowns, eggs, biscuits, cereal, milk, water, donuts, orange juice, and coffee.  I think that the breakfast was a purim feast.  I think so because there were a bunch of people there and a lot of food.  Purim is also another one of the mitzvot of purim.

I learned a lot about the tomato pickers situation.  I learned that they were on a 10 day “fair food” tour.  The people told the people that they went to their story. 50 of the tomato pickers went on the tour.  The 10 day tour included stops in Jacksonville, Atlanta, Nashville, and Lakeland.  In Lakeland, they were going to meet with Publix again.  The Pickers want Publix, the largest grocery, to agree to pay a penny more per pound of tomatoes under a “fair food” agreement.  It started Friday afternoon.  Other places they want also are Walmart, Burger King, Taco Bell and food-services giant Aramark —are on board.  Activists also want support from Wendy’s.  More than 1000 people were there to protest.

I feel differently about them and their needs and situation now after meeting them because now I know the whole story about them and what they’re fighting for. I would love to protest with them.

Protestors carry signs during a protest outside the Publix supermarket on Saturday, February 2, 2013



Tigers, Lions, Panthers, Black Jaguars and Cougars… Oh My!

Last Friday, for our mitzvah trip, our middle went to a place that is called Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary. The Catty Shack Wildlife Sanctuary is a place where they have animals such as tigers, lions, cougars, panthers, and black jaguars. They do not sell their animals or rebreed them. They get money donations which its from mostly volunteers. Nobody gets paid there. Everyone who works there is a volunteer. All the animals that are there are rescued from either being captured, or if a Zoo was going to put the animal back into the wild. Also, we saw all those animals that I listed there. We got to hear their background story.

In Morah Eta’s class which is our mitzvot class, we learned and are still learning the mitzvah of “Tza’ar Ba’alei Chaim. “Tza’ar Ba’alei Chaim. Which means the ethical treatment of animals. The whole reason we went to Catty Shack in the first place was, because that we were wondering what do they do to and for their animals.

Somebody asked me this question. The question is, ” Does Catty Shack follow the mitzvah of צער בעלי חיים?” Do they, I think so. I think Catty Shack follows the mitzvah of “Tza’ar Ba’alei Chaim”, because they save the animals from being killed. They also do not sell the animals for money and they do it because they do not want them to suffer. That to me is a real act of kindness. Do not forget to go, checkout, and visit Catty Shack.


The Wave For It Or Against It

                                                  The Wave For It Or Against It

In my Language Arts class, we read the book The Wave by Todd Strasser.  The Wave is about a teacher with an idea that has gone terribly wrong.  Now that you know a little idea about what the book is, I am going to ask you a question. Are you for the Wave or against the Wave? If you are confused or still need to know more. I have three reasons why you should be against Wave. Hurry, before they make you a part of the Wave!

My first reason why you should be against the Wave is that no one in the wave could be themselves. The Wave is caused the students at Gordon High School people could not be themselves. For example according to the book The Wave, when Laurie was writing her article about how bad the Wave was. Robert Billings said,  “ Laurie Saunders must not be allowed to write these lies. She must be stopped.” Then Eric said, “ Don’t worry Robert, me and David got this.” Also when David saw Laurie and went to talk her he told her to stop writing these lies about The Wave. David was squeezing Laurie’s arm really tight then pushed her hard on the ground. David normally does get violent with girls at all. That is my first reason why you should be against the Wave. Come, there is much more.

My Second reason is you had to be in the Wave or else… What I mean by that is that students and people were being threatened to join The Wave. Here is an example from the book. Laurie was going to write an article about how bad the wave was and she received an anonymous letter about the Wave. The letter was from an anonymous girl who was a junior at Gordon High School. The letter was about the girl and her two friends. Her two friends joined because they were threatened. Also, Laurie Saunder’s dad told her that a Jewish boy was beaten up and called dirty Jew for not joining the Wave. I have one more reason. Keep reading to find out what my final reason.

I have one more reason why you should be against the Wave. My finale reason why you should be against The Wave is because the Wave is too much like Natzi Germany. What I mean is that there are too many similarities between the Wave and Natzi Germany. I can list a few. For example, they both have a dictator, They have a salute, a motto, and a logo. My last example is they recruit members whether or not the person wants to be a part of it or not. Young members of The Wave  and young of members Natzi Germany. Now you see how Natzi Germany and the Wave are alike.

Now since I have shown my reasons why you should be against the Wave, it is time for you to make up your mind. The question is Are you against the Wave or for the Wave?