Mt. Herman 2

Last Friday, we went to Mt. Herman to help out in classrooms. This was our second time ever coming to Mt. Herman. We worked in groups of two in classrooms. I was in a group with Elior. We were in a classroom with a bunch of older kids. It wasn’t that much overwhelming when your with a friend. The work that we do at Mt. herman is an act of the mitzvah גמילות  חסד which is helping the sick because like no one helps them. If we don’t help those kids with disabilities, no one will. We need to help them. I found this trip to Mt. Herman different than last time because I felt prepared and I was more open to help.  I see my self accomplishing something at Mt. Herman by helping those children. They have no one but now at least they have some people.

Simon Birch

Two weeks ago in school, we watched the 1998 movie called Simon Birch. The movie is about a kid named Simon Birch who lived to be 12 years old. Simon Birch has a severe illness. He had a small heart. He was the smallest baby ever born at a hospital. The doctors said he would not make it through the night. After he survived the night, the doctors said he wouldn’t live a week. He survived the week.  After that, the doctors said Simon wouldn’t live a month. Simon Birch ended up living 12 great years. The best rating for a movie is five stars.  I would rate the movie Simon Birch five stars.  I would rate this movie five stars, because it was funny and sad at the same time.

Here are some questions and answers about the movie Simon Birch.

The first question is “why did Joe and Simon have such a unique friendship in the movie Simon Birch?”  Their friendship is unique because Joe’s mom was Simon’s birth mom.  Also, Simon’s parents, his father and step mother, hate their son Simon, so he hangs with Joe all the time. Another reason their friendship is unique is because people make fun of  them so they need to stick together.

The second question is “why did the Preacher have such strong feelings about Simon? Why couldn’t he accept Simon as he is?”  The preacher had such strong feelings about Simon because he is Joe’s father.  Simon said things in church that the Preacher didn’t like.   The Preacher couldn’t accept him because Simon kept saying he was put on earth for a reason. The reason Simon was put on the earth is because Simon kept saying, ” God has a plan for me.”  Also, the Sunday school teacher would have to correct Simon all of the time.

The third question is “explain Simon’s belief and faith about the fact that he was created for a reason.”  The reason that Simon thinks God has a purpose for him is because Simon wasn’t supposed to live a day. Simon ended up living 12 great years.

The fourth question is “do you believe that God has a purpose for you?”  I do I believe there is a reason why god made me and put me in this world.  I’m not sure of what my exact  reason is but I am discovering new things about myself everyday.  I know I like to help people so this is one of the reasons. I am still discovering what my purpose is and my reason for being.



Story With holes

Q: A man is in the desert. In the distance he sees a  refreshment stand. He walks in and says to the attendant, “Please, please, a glass of water.” The attendant takes out a gun and fires three shots in the air. The man said, “Thank you,” and left satisfied. How come he was satisfied by the gunshots when he really wanted a glass of water?

A: The man is satisfied because he was not thirsty. He had the hiccups and the gunshot scared them away

Dividing Fractions

This week we learned once again how to divide fractions. It is really easy. Lets say I had 1/3 divided by 8/3. What you do is you don’t divide them you multiply them. You do keep change flip. In this case we would keep the fraction to be 1/3, change the sign from dividing to multiplying sign, then flip the number on the right. In this case you changed it from 8/3 to 3/8.  You don’t need a common denominator to multiply. Do it as a normal multiplication problem. 1 times 3= 3. 8 times 3=24. Your answer would be 3/24. We need to always simplify the fraction if we can. The answer would be 1/8.

Holidays So many Holidays

Over the past month, we have celebrated many Jewish holidays.  The holidays that we have celebrated over the past month are Rosh Hashanah, Kol Neidre, Yom Kippur, Shmini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah. The most meaningful and most enjoyable holiday to celebrate  in my opinion was Simchat Torah.  It was very enjoyable, because I got to participate in the service and festivities,  and carry around the Torahs.  The holiday, Simchat Torah,  celebrates completing the cycle of the Torah.

I will clarify what I mean by the cycle of the Torah basically means it celebrates us finishing reading the whole entire Torah.  I don’t know what would make the holidays more meaningful to me, because they are very meaningful.    I think that I can learn more and more as each year goes by and this would make it more meaningful.  We have not established any new traditions in my family for the holidays this year.  One tradition that we do maintain is that we always have shabbat dinner.   I think a good way to enhance the celebration of Shabbat is to say all the prayers before and after every meal.   Another way to enhance Shabbat is to try to keep the Sabbath. These are some of the things I am going to try with my family to enhance our Shabbat. is what happened on the holiday.

Being A Slave

Last Thursday in Geveret Rogozen’s class she surprised us by dressing up like a pharaoh and treating us like we were real slaves. It scared when she walked in. She screamed. ” Slaves get over here now your going to work.”  We went down to the court yard and made walls out of bricks. They had to be perfectly straight or else she would tell us to redo the entire brick. First we would have to have hay, sand, and water and mix it with the brick. I did good on making my brick. She had little taskmasters checking the work of our bricks if they were good enough. This whole was to show a little of what the slavery was like for the Jews in ancient Egypt. It felt weird and funny working as a slave. When she walked in, I was laughing. It helped me understand what the life was for Jew slaves in ancient Egypt. I felt mad because everyone was bossing me around giving orders like a dog. I am so glad that I am not a slave today.





Sorry Sorry So Dear Sorry

We just celebrated the holiday of Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah is a holiday that lasts for to days and it celebrates the new Jewish new year. The holiday lasts for two days. After that holiday is Yom Kippur the most important Jewish holiday of the year. Between when Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, there is something called the ten days of repentance. God is finalizing the book of life and death. You threw away your sins and now god is watching until Yom Kippur when the book is finalized. Also we ask for forgiveness from all the people we hurt.

I need to repent a lot because I have hurt a lot of people. First, I want to say to my friends and other middle schoolers I am sorry for anything that I did. I hope you can forgive me and that we can move on. I hurt so many people it would take years to name every single person. I want to ask forgiveness for two very important reasons in my opinion. The first reason is, because I don’t want to die right now because I am to young to die. Second reason is because I just want to start over. It is never good to have grudges against anyone and it can make people go and do crazy things a lot of the time. I want to have a fresh start with everyone. So all I want is to anyone who is reading and I hurt them physically, and or emotionally I am sorry. I will try my best this year.


Image credits: Morah Eta’s blog

So b. It

In Mrs. Teitelbaum’s class, she read us the book So b. It by Sarah Weeks. The main characters are Heidi, Momma, and Bernie. The book is about 14 year old Heidi and her very sick mom in there apartment. Bernie who is afraid to leave hers takes care of them. Heidi mom always the word Suef and no one knows what it means.  I loved the book because it wasn’t all predictable and the book seemed true although the book wasn’t true. I rate the book So b. It 5 stars. The character that I think I am the most related to is Heidi. I think I am related to Heidi because she is lucky. In the book  she would go play slot machines even though she was under aged and she would win every single time she played them. I am lucky a lot. I predict sports scores and win prizes. If you like suspense, action, and drama this is the book for you. Will anyone figure out what suef means? Read the book So b. It by Sarah Weeks for all the answers.