Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair game

I just finished the book Moneyball: The Art of Winning An Unfair Game by Michael Lewis. Moneyball is about the 2002 Oakland Athletics and statistics. Peter Grant the Athletics new hired assistant general manager and Billy Beane the Athletics general manager discover a new way to get good players using on base percentage, stolen runs, RBI’s (runs batted in), etc. They were convinced this strategy would work. I give this book 5 stars because its not just about baseball but its also about math and scouting too. I recommend this book for anyone who likes numbers. How will the Athletics do? Will they make the playoffs? Read the book Moneyball: The Art of Winning An Unfair Game by Michael Lewis to find out what happens.

Tiki: My Life in the Game and Beyond Book Review

I just finished the book Tiki: My Life in the Game and Beyond by Tiki Barber and Gil Reavill. Tiki Barber was a former NFL running back who was selected by the New York Giants in the 1997 NFL Draft. He grew up in Virginia with his twin brother Ronde Barber. They both played football. Tiki was a running back and Ronde was a corner. They played together until the NFL. Tiki was the younger one and would get picked on because he was compared to his brother. When the Giants selected him in the 1997 NFL draft Tiki didn’t want to play there because his brother was not on the same team. I rate this book five stars because this book has a lot of motivation and he overcame adversity. Will Tiki Barber play for the Giants or will he decline? Read the book Tiki: My Life in the Game and Beyond by Tiki Barber and Gil Reavill to find out.

Happy Passover

Last Friday for our mitzvah trip, the middle school did there yearly model seder for passover at Mt. Carmel. I think its important to do this mitzvah trip each year for a couple reasons. My first reason we do this mitzvah trip because these old people at Mt. Carmel may not get a lot of visitors. It is very common to see old people who don’t get a lot of visitors. Second reason we do this mitzvah trip because they may not do a sedor. If these people don’t have any visitors then they can’t do a sedor.

Every year when we go to Mt. Carmel there is a language barrier. Whether its hebrew, Russian, or Spanish only few students understand what they saying. I think we go back to Mt. Carmel every year for a couple reasons. First reason we go back each year is because they want us to. They say how we are well behaved and not a pain in the back. They enjoy us there. Second reason is they love how we know all this passover stuff. They love the way we do our sedors no matter if we can’t understand them.

Once a Coach Always a Coach Book Review

Yesterday I finished the book Once a Coach, Always a Coach: The Life Journey of Thomas Errol Wasdin by Peter Kerasotis. The book is about the life of Former Jacksonville University basketball coach Thomas (Tom) Wasdin. Wadin was the basketball coach for Jacksonville University from 1969-1973. He led Jacksonville University to the NCAA tournement in all his seasons. In 1970 JU made the National Championship but lost to the UCLA Bruins who will end up winning seven titles in a row. I rate this book 5 stars because its a motivational book. Read the book  Once a Coach, Always a Coach: The Life Journey of Thomas Errol Wasdin by Peter Kerasotis to learn about the game of basketball.

Come on and Eat

In the Passover song Ha Lachman Anya, there are two very important lines. The first one says, “Let all who are hungry come and eat.” The second one says, “Let all who are in need come and make Pesach.” At the Martin J. Gotlieb Day School we do a lot of mitzvah trips that have to do with feeding people. Whether its volenteering at the Mandarin Food Bank, making Thanksgiving deliveries, or just Shabbat in the bag. All I can say is we have a lot of projects that have to do with food. Its impacted me a lot because I have never done this many mitzvahs in my life at school. It makes me feel really good to help someone because they need a helping hand and I am sure you would want someone to do the same thing to you if you are in pain.

Inside the Helmet: My Life as a Sunday Afternoon Warrior Book Review

This week I just finished the book Inside the Helmet: My Life as a Sunday Afternoon Warrior by Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer.  This book is about the life of former New York Giant Michael Strahan one of the greatest defensive players in NFL history. This book he also reveals other things like the top hitters and the NFL, etc. I give this book 4 stars because it talks about his life and its a backstage pass to an NFL game. How did Michael Strahan make it to the NFL? What did he reveal about the NFL? All of these questions can be answered if you read the book Inside the Helmet: My Life as a Sunday Afternoon Warrior by Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer.

Everyone Is Equal

In the Declaration of Independence it states that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. As an American citizen these words mean a lot to me because we have freedom. We can do anything we want to achieve. As a Jew I believe that we are all equal and we are taught that we were all created in gods image. As a Jew it is not equal because men get to do more in the religion than women depending on what kind of Jew you are. As a man I feel the world is not equal because in a lot of other countries men have more rights than women.

As a human I strongly believe these words. I think everyone is created a equal because everyone started from the bottom as babies. Everyone is not truly equal in a lot of countries and I want that to change. I believe that all humans should be created equal with some strings attached or else it would be chaos.

Equality has so many opinions that there is not one definition. It is very hard to tell your views of equality because everyone has so many different views of it. Most of countries in the world has no equality at all but I believe that no matter if you are a different gender, different religion, different skin. I still believe that everyone should be treated equally.

A Rocket at Heart Book Review

This week I finished a book called A Rocket at Heart: My Life and My Team by Rudy Tomjanovich and Robert Falkoff. Imagine that you are the assistant coach for a team and all of the sudden you get a call from the general manager asking you if you want to be the head coach. What would you do? For Rudy Tomjanovitch it was a lot of pressure. Not only because he was a former player but also only accepted the head coaching job because he was scared that he would get fired. Will the Rockets make the playoffs? Will Rudy Tomjanovitch stay as the coach or will he be replaced? Read the book A Rocket at Heart: My Life and My Team by Rudy Tomjanovich and Robert Falkoff to find out what happens.

Follow The Mitzvah

Last week, we were asked how we observe a Hiddur Mitzvah. A Hiddur Mitzvah is an enhanced (intensify) mitzvah. I think my Hiddur Mitzvah is Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is one of the most important jewish holidays of the year. If you are 13 or if you had your bar/bat mitzvah then you can’t eat or drink food for 25 hours. This is my Hiddur Mitzvah for a couple reasons. First of all I have had my bar mitzvah and last year was my first year I had to fast. I am proud that I made it through the fast. Second reason is you are not suppose to use your electronics on most Jewish holidays. I usually never follow this rule, but on Yom Kippur I decided to give it a try. I actually enjoyed it because I got to experience what lots of Jews do every Shabbat and it made me feel like a real observant Jew.


The March To Freedom

“When I marched in Selma, I felt my legs were praying.”
Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Choice #1 – Write a blog post explaining what Rabbi Heschel meant when he said this. Why would a Rabbi have participated in the march in Selma? Why was this so important to him? If it were NOW would you march?

On March 21, 1965 there was a march lead by Martin Luther King Jr. This was 3 years before his death. The walk was from Selma, Alabama to Montgomery, Alabama. The march was about racism against blacks which was a big deal back in the 1960s. The march took exactly five days 54 miles to get there. It was a big protest and a lot of people participated in that big event.

I think in my opinion what Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel comment means is that he was taking a stand for what was wrong. He believed what he was doing was right and thats why he felt his legs praying. I think a Rabbi participated in Selma is because they know how it feels to have everyone being racist about them and they don’t want anyone else to feel that same pain and suffering feeling and thats why I think Rabbis participated in Selma. Its so important because no one should feel the hatred of people being racist about them. Its very wrong. Yes I would have marched in Selma if it was today because I believe everyone has rights whether you are boy, girl, white, black, Indian, Muslim, Jewish, Homosexual, or Lesbian. I believe everyone has the same equal rights.