The Outsiders

In our Language arts class, we just finished reading a book in class called The Outsiders by S.E. Hilton. The story takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Its about to rival gangs the Greasers and the Socs. The Socs are rich and the Greasers are poor. They love hurting Greasers. After we finished the book, we had to write a newspaper article about an event that happened in the book.



Kids and Weapons Equals Violence



(Tulsa, Oklahoma)– There was terrible murder recently in Tulsa, Oklahoma and it was a real tragedy.  It happened last night at a local park were apparently a kid named Robert Bob Shelton was stabbed to death The kids involved in this murder were apparently from two separate rival gangs. The names of the gangs are the greasers and the Socs. The people involved in the incident were Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade Robert Bob Sheldon.

We interviewed Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade and this is what they had to say about their charges for the murder of Bob. Ponyboy and Johnny were outside roaming the streets and walking all over town. They would take some breaks. They are members of the gang of the greasers who are rivals with the Socs. They also said, The Socs favorite hobby is to beat up the Socs. They walked to the park and then a big blue mustang drove up and 5 Socs got out of the car. Ponyboy and johnny said they were scared. Bob and the others in the mustang were trying to drown Ponyboy in the fountain. Johnny then took out his knife and went over and he stabbed Bob right in the chest. The only reason why Johnny stabbed Bob was because Bob was trying to kill Ponyboy and Johnny was only trying to protect his friend because thats what friends do.

Its A Miracle!!!

Tomorrow night, we will be celebrating the first night of  the Jewish holiday Chanukah. Chanukah is a Jewish holiday which was about the Romans invading Israel and forbidden anybody who lived in Israel  who was Jewish to practice any kind of Judaism. The Romans were led by King Antiochus IV. The Jews had a small army called the Maccabees led by Judah. They fought and won the battle over the Romans. After, the Jews didn’t have a lot of the oil to make the menorah light for a long time. They only had enough for it to last one night. Then a miracle happened. The oil lasted eight nights.


I do believe in miracles whether its in sports or not I believe in miracles because I have seen miracles happen before. I can’t really remember any that were really important. Besides the non sports ones I can’t really think of any right now that are really important and effected my life.

Finding angles in Triangles

Lets say I have a triangle with numbers of 87 and 45. Those are two of the three numbers. The other is labled C. To find C you have to add 87+45 which is equaled up to 132. Then you have to subtract 132 from 180 because that is how many degrees a triangle equals to. Your answer will be 48.

Cookie Yum Yum

Dear First Responder,

Thank you for being a first responder from WW 2. I understand its hard to sleep at night a lot because of stuff like that trust me. So to help here is a gift for being a first responder from the middle school students at the Martin J. Gotlieb Day School. We made you a batch of good yummy cookies. We hope you enjoy the batch cookies that we made you.



Zachary a middle school student from the Martin J. Gotlieb Day School



Happy Thanksgiving

Last week we made a bunch of Thanksgiving deliveries. The Thursday before thanksgiving we brought in food that we were going to deliver to people on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Monday, we helped out at the Mandarin food bank. We helped the people carry food to their car. On Tuesday we took all of the food that we brought in and we made deliveries to people that couldn’t afford a thanksgiving. Some people lived in hotels, so they got an already cooked Purdue Chicken and a bag of groceries.  Other people who weren’t living in hotels got a frozen turkey and a bag of groceries.

I think we made all of these Thanksgiving deliveries because we needed to help people who wouldn’t get to have a Thanksgiving have one. It made me feel good because all of the people who we delivered to had a big smile on their face. For myself this whole experience of delivering did enhance my Thanksgiving celebration because I feel good when I help people no matter if its just doing something small like holding the door for someone or doing something big like giving people food, so they can enjoy a good celebration of Thanksgiving or any other holiday.

Out of all the deliveries my group did I do not think there was one in particular that was the most meaningful to me. To me, all the deliveries that my group did were very meaningful. This whole experience is related to Isaiah 58:10 “If you offer your food to the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted, then your light shall rise in the darkness and your gloom be like the noonday.” This whole experience is related to Isaiah 58:10 because we are helping the hungry by giving them food so now they can finally have a good holiday experience.


Mt. Herman 2

Last Friday, we went to Mt. Herman to help out in classrooms. This was our second time ever coming to Mt. Herman. We worked in groups of two in classrooms. I was in a group with Elior. We were in a classroom with a bunch of older kids. It wasn’t that much overwhelming when your with a friend. The work that we do at Mt. herman is an act of the mitzvah גמילות  חסד which is helping the sick because like no one helps them. If we don’t help those kids with disabilities, no one will. We need to help them. I found this trip to Mt. Herman different than last time because I felt prepared and I was more open to help.  I see my self accomplishing something at Mt. Herman by helping those children. They have no one but now at least they have some people.

Simon Birch

Two weeks ago in school, we watched the 1998 movie called Simon Birch. The movie is about a kid named Simon Birch who lived to be 12 years old. Simon Birch has a severe illness. He had a small heart. He was the smallest baby ever born at a hospital. The doctors said he would not make it through the night. After he survived the night, the doctors said he wouldn’t live a week. He survived the week.  After that, the doctors said Simon wouldn’t live a month. Simon Birch ended up living 12 great years. The best rating for a movie is five stars.  I would rate the movie Simon Birch five stars.  I would rate this movie five stars, because it was funny and sad at the same time.

Here are some questions and answers about the movie Simon Birch.

The first question is “why did Joe and Simon have such a unique friendship in the movie Simon Birch?”  Their friendship is unique because Joe’s mom was Simon’s birth mom.  Also, Simon’s parents, his father and step mother, hate their son Simon, so he hangs with Joe all the time. Another reason their friendship is unique is because people make fun of  them so they need to stick together.

The second question is “why did the Preacher have such strong feelings about Simon? Why couldn’t he accept Simon as he is?”  The preacher had such strong feelings about Simon because he is Joe’s father.  Simon said things in church that the Preacher didn’t like.   The Preacher couldn’t accept him because Simon kept saying he was put on earth for a reason. The reason Simon was put on the earth is because Simon kept saying, ” God has a plan for me.”  Also, the Sunday school teacher would have to correct Simon all of the time.

The third question is “explain Simon’s belief and faith about the fact that he was created for a reason.”  The reason that Simon thinks God has a purpose for him is because Simon wasn’t supposed to live a day. Simon ended up living 12 great years.

The fourth question is “do you believe that God has a purpose for you?”  I do I believe there is a reason why god made me and put me in this world.  I’m not sure of what my exact  reason is but I am discovering new things about myself everyday.  I know I like to help people so this is one of the reasons. I am still discovering what my purpose is and my reason for being.



Story With holes

Q: A man is in the desert. In the distance he sees a  refreshment stand. He walks in and says to the attendant, “Please, please, a glass of water.” The attendant takes out a gun and fires three shots in the air. The man said, “Thank you,” and left satisfied. How come he was satisfied by the gunshots when he really wanted a glass of water?

A: The man is satisfied because he was not thirsty. He had the hiccups and the gunshot scared them away

Dividing Fractions

This week we learned once again how to divide fractions. It is really easy. Lets say I had 1/3 divided by 8/3. What you do is you don’t divide them you multiply them. You do keep change flip. In this case we would keep the fraction to be 1/3, change the sign from dividing to multiplying sign, then flip the number on the right. In this case you changed it from 8/3 to 3/8.  You don’t need a common denominator to multiply. Do it as a normal multiplication problem. 1 times 3= 3. 8 times 3=24. Your answer would be 3/24. We need to always simplify the fraction if we can. The answer would be 1/8.