My Wonderful Poems

The first poem that I made was a tanka poem, a type of poem that is an ancient poem. The second poem that I wrote was a preposition poem. It was really fun and I learned more types of poems.

What are Adaptations

In my class I made a presentation about adaptations so enjoy my presentation on on adaptations. 🙂

Fort Caroline National Memorial

For a field trip on March, 22 2018 third, fourth, fifth, and  grades went to Fort Caroline. I learned that the French wore very heavy clothes. My favorite part of the field trip was being in the museum because it was so cold outside. I also liked seeing the animal skin because I thought the Timucua tribe used cloth but they did not. I thought the field trip was fun because I got to see a lot of things that the Timucua Indians, French, and Spanish did and some of their history. I thought that it was funny that the park ranger chose me instead of a boy, because it felt that the clothes that he put on me were boy clothes. The clothes were also very heavy and I can’t believe that the French wore heavy clothes in the summer. I would recommend the field trip to 4th grade students because you can learn a lot of things that you can’t at school.

Opinion Writing: Dog are Like People



Did you ever wonder how dogs and people are alike? Well they are alike because dogs and people exercise, communicate, and we share the same basic needs and these are just some basic things that we share. So if you want to know how we share these things are keep reading.


Dogs and people need to exercise because if they don’t they will get really out of shape, and you do not want that. If dogs and people don’t get exercise it will make them think that they don’t have to exercise and will make them really, really lazy. One way to help your dog not get lazy is, help them get exercise without knowing. For instance find a toy that they like and throw it. Then, they should run after it and that running is exercise. A way that you and your dog can exercise is go on a bike ride. All you need is a bike, a leash and a collar. All you have to do now is put the collar on the dog and put the leash on the collar then tie the leash on the bike, and ride!


One reason why dogs need to communicate is that like if someone is torturing a dog the dog will bark or moan for help. One time my dog got bitten by another dog and he was barking and moaning when he came home. then I knew he was moaning because of the bite and scratch marks on him. Another reason why dogs need to communicate is when they are hungry. They will beg for food and water by barking.


One basic need that we share is eating. People and dogs need to eat! If you don’t eat you will starve to death. So dogs need to eat just like us. Another basic need that dogs and people share is to take a shower or bath. If you don’t take a shower you will stink and people will make fun of you and you do not want that. If you don’t give a bath to our dog she/he will smell very bad and believe me you do not want that.


In conclusion dogs are like people dogs are like people because we need to exercise, communicate and share the same basic needs. Thanks for reading, I hope you liked my nonfiction writing, “dogs are like people,” but remember we shouldn’t just be kind to people but we should be kind to dogs to!

Golden Age of Piracy


I learned that not all pirates have a skull and crossbones on their flag. I also learned a famous story which is how pirates bury their treasure and I thought that was a myth.

What I thought was weird is that pirates liked to avoid fighting and I learned why because just small cut could be very serious. One thing that I learned is most pirates try to be as scary as possible. I thought that pirates liked to fight because in movie I saw pirates fight a lot and now I know that it is not true. I think there are so many myths about pirates because, the people they let go tell different people and they tell other people and it goes on until a lot of people know about the pirates.


I learned that not all pirates have the same flag. I also learned that flags let other pirates know where the pirate or pirates came from. Last but not least, I learned that the skull and bones let people know that they were dealing with a pirate. One of the flags that I would have, would be one that tricks people because it has my initial on it and flowers and hearts.


I thought my Parsha was going to be hard to do in a short amount of time but it was vary easy and fun. What I would do better next time is try to not look down at my paper as much as because I did not look up one time, and everyone loved my activity. My activity was, were they got a plate and a circle, and they had to draw something that explains them then I put a string on them then they were done.

My google doodle

Press the space button for a special surprise.


What did I do? I started to code on Scratch so I could make a Hanukkah google doodle.

How did I do it? I used Scratch.

What did I do well? I think I did well on coding really fast and how I did code.

What would I do differently the next time ? I would add more things that are fun, but I  think I did a good gob.

My Thankful Tree

                               On my thankful tree I put…

I am thankful for dogs because my dog is the only dog that I have and I love him so much.

I am thankful for food and I wish one day all people end food hunger.

I am thankful for family because I love them so much and they are my true friends.

I am thankful for Shabbat because I love the lights and I love to sing Shabbat songs.

I am thankful for fun because if we do not have fun life would be boring.

I am thankful for friends because they are nice and they are fun.