How to make a Apple

In my class we made a how to report. I did how to make a apple and it was vary fun and I want to do it anther time. I had to figure out a topic and I had to do a draft and I had the teacher  check it. She said it was great. Then I wrote a final. I did not type but I did write it by hand.I think I did well on spalling. Then I made A book. I want to do better next time is better handwriting.Bye!

The Splashy Amazon River Dolphin

I researched and made a book. I researched books, databases and the web.I took notes in a organizer. I made a Google Earth and Popplet. I used Google Earth because I took a pictures of the rainforest in south america. I also used Popplet because I needed to take a pictures of the amazon river dolphin.I used book creator. I want to do more punctuation,pictures and spelling.