My Vocabulary Notebook

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We created a vocabulary notebook by using words that we learned.

We used Wixie to create this notebook.

Next time, I would be more descriptive while writing.

I am happy with my work.

June 5th 2017 4th grade, Library

My Daytona, Beach Florida Infomercial

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May 19th 2017 4th grade, Library, Social Studies

פסח מצרים ופסח דורות From the First Seder to My Seder

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We read a story about kids who went back in time to the first passover in Egypt. I used Imovie (by apple) and J.I. Studio (by Jewish Interactive). The first scene is me at my seder. My second scene is Elijah attacking me because there is no wine for him. The third scene is him knocking me out and me dreaming going through a portle and landing in Egypt during the first Passover. The fourth scene is me seeing and hearing the jews (slaves at that time) crys. The fifth scene is me seeing all the pleags. The sixth scene is me hearing Moses tell the jews to leave. The seventh scene is me tripping on a rock and me waking up. The eighth scene is me at my seder with my family. The last scene is me singing a important song for Passover.

April 5th 2017 4th grade, Jewish Studies

Pizza Is The New Cool Food

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What kind of food do you like? If you like things that are crunchy, cheesy, and juicy you will like pizza. Pizza is the best food in the world. Pizza is the best food in the world because it is yummy, easily available and you can get it any way you want it.

One reason that pizza is the best food in the world is because it is yummy. Pizza has two main ingredients that gives it its yumminess; tomato sauce and cheese. The tomato sauce is in between the crust and the cheese. It basically glues the whole pizza together with the pure tomato flavor. The tomato sauce is covered with cheese. When the pizza is done cooking the cheese is hot, melted, and gooey. This hot, melted, gooeyness makes your mouth water and your stomach growls like a hungry lion. When these elements combine they create a pizza so good, it’s fit for a king.

Another reason that pizza is the best food in the world is that it is easy available. You can buy a pizza at the supermarket, order out from a pizza parlor or dine in, or buy the ingredients to make your own at home. If you go to a supermarket you will find a pizza section where you will find a ton of different brand pizzas. Also you can call a pizza place to order a pizza delivery or you can dine in at the pizza parlor. If someone in your family is sick and you want pizza for dinner getting delivery is a great option. You might take the people you work with out for dinner at a pizza parlor and they won’t have to go to your house. You can have some good family time if you buy the ingredients to make a pizza and make it at home. You will have fun making your pizza with your family because it is a group effort. So that’s all the reason to support why pizza is easily available.

My most important reason that pizza is the best food in the world is that you can get it any way you want it. There are three sizes. The sizes are small, medium and large. There are also many different crusts. For example hand tossed and stuffed crust. you also get different toppings for everyone. For example pepperoni, bacon, olives, and tomatoes. So that states how pizza can be customizable.

Pizza is the best food in the world, so if you like yummy things that you can get any way you want it and the way you like it you should eat pizza.

March 13th 2017 4th grade, Language arts, Writing

House Of Robots Robot Revelution Map Report

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This book is called House Of Robots, Robot Revolution. By
James Patterson.

This map is Sams’s house. The lab is outside and the mudroom is the

March 9th 2017 4th grade, Reading

הכלל שלי

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In the class we learned about rules to create a healthy classroom. We learned 8 rules in the classroom. We used Book Creator to create this project. My rule is to not call people names. The story (on the third page of my project) is supposed to be when Jacob (the green person) called Mordechai  (the red person) “Haman” so Mordechai cried and said to Jacob that he wasn’t nice and he should not call names.



March 1st 2017 4th grade, Jewish Studies

The Hardy Boys The House On The Cliff: movie poster

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This book is called The Hardy Boys The House On The Cliff written by Franklin W. Dixon.

This is a movie poster of the Hardy boys the house on the cliff. (not saying there is a movie.)

I created the movie poster because making one sounded fun.

Frank and Joe Hardy are the boys, the castle is the house on the cliff and the circle is the view of the of a telescope of a ship.


February 9th 2017 4th grade, Reading

Speedy Racer

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The Game




for player one (red car) use the ⇐⇑⇒  buttons.

for player two (purple car) use the w,a,d buttons.

How to start:

  1. click the green flag.
  2. click the space button.
  3. wait for the light to turn green.
  4. GO!!!


I used Scratch to create this game.

I  created this game by coding the sprites of the game.

I did well on coding my starting light, and decorating my cars.

If I can do something better next time I would try to make a computer player.

February 7th 2017 Library

U.N.F. Field Trip Reflection

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U.N.F. Field Trip Reflection
By Skyler K.

On this field trip I learned about:

A pitcher plant is a plant that eats bugs. It attracts bugs with a sweet smell, that humans can’t smell, and then they get stuck in digestive fluids.

A sundew is a plant which gets its food by attracting ants and other small bugs. It uses a sweet smell which is from its sticky sap. The bugs get stuck in the sap and then the plant closes up on the bug.

How A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker gets its food.

Do you know how a Yellow-bellied sapsucker gets its food? It gets its food by pecking holes into the Sweet Gum Tree. The Sweet Gum Tree has a sticky sap that leaks out when the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker pecks hole in its trunk. They leave the sap to allow it to capture bugs and when the Yellow-bellied sapsucker comes back it eats the bugs.

My Jewish Studies Goal

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