02 MayHidden in Silence

For this week’s mitzvah trip, we watched the movie, Hidden in Silence. It is the story of a Christian teenage girl, Fusia, during the Holocaust. She was sent to live with a family of Jews by her mother. While living there, the family was sent into the ghetto, leaving Fusia alone in the house. She went ┬áhome to find that her younger sister, Helena, was the only one still there. Fusia and Helena returned, and secretly brought thirteen Jews into hiding in their attic.

During the Holocaust, the Germans first went after the Jewish doctors. That way, the doctors wouldn’t be able to treat others in the ghetto. At the ghetto wall, Helena swallowed a piece of paper with their address on it. A Nazi soldier saw her try to give the paper to the Jews, and tried to take it from her. I think she did this because if he saw the address, he would know what she was doing, and everyone would be killed. Inside the ghetto, the Nazis were taking young men out of the line of Jews going to the concentration camps. One boy wouldn’t stay out of the line, so they shot and killed him in front of everyone. The parents started pushing their sons away, so that he could survive. Fusia and her boss, Joseph, both shared the secret of hiding Jews.

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