Movie cameraToday, I watched the movie I am Slave. It is the true story of a girl in modern-day slavery. The girl, Malia,  was only thirteen years old when she was taken  from  her village in Sudan. Her parents both  survived and stayed in the village. Malia was then sold into slavery.

The woman who bought her made her clean the house and would beat her. After six years there, she sent Malia to live with her cousin, who was married to a Sudanese diplomat  in London. The cousin was nicer than Malia’s previous owner, but Malia, wanting to go home, kept attempting to escape. Her owner threatened to have her family in Sudan killed if she ran away again. With the help of a man from her village back home, Malia successfully escaped.

This movie was really appropriate to watch right before Passover. Passover is all about the Israelites living as slaves, and how they became free. After watching I am Slave, the prayer of שעשני בן חורין (thanking G-d for making me free) is really important to me. It makes me think about how lucky I am to be free, and not in situations like Malia and the Israelites.

Image Credit: Microsoft ClipArt

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