24 MarLeaving a Legacy

Last week, many of the middle school students attended a funeral for one of the members of our community, Tessie Taxier. She lived until she was 103. As a middle school, we visited her as often as we could on our mitzvah trips, which was almost every week. After studying mitzvot HaMet, the mitzvah of death and dying, we know how important it is to participate in a funeral. Immediately after meeting Tessie Taxier, you realized what a great person she was. She left a legacy on our community. Everyone wants to be remembered, including me. I would like to be remembered for being a generous person and doing great things, which I hope to accomplish in my lifetime.

pebbles on gravestone


Image Credit:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/36277173@N00/4623615851/in/photolist-83zeUF-fPdAoU-dyGPmX-dyNk2y-dyNkby-dyGQSz-dyGQaT-dyGQs2-dyGR4v-dyNkkd-dyNjUb-dyNjh1-dyGQKz-dyNj1w-dyGQ4H-dyNihu-dyGPSc-ame4i2-j6eppP-bDpXMx-jau4E4-dD7TZw-b7vLYK-a7EqPz-ck7RpG-ck7NmU-ck5W9m-ck64zU-cjzoYu-87VYah-fugGAg-bPDVjv-av4zcD-7PXrST

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