19 MarBirkot Ha-Shahar

My favorite prayer that we, the middle school, do every morning is Birkot Ha-Shahar. I think this tefillah is important to me because it allows me to be grateful to G-d. There is not just one reason to be thankful; I believe there are many.This tefillah is thanking G-d for being able to do little things  like standing up or putting on clothes, which we all do every morning. I get to thank G-d for doing small tasks that I take for granted and don’t think about.

Without being able to do all these things, we couldn’t go through our day. Out of all the verses, there are some that I find the most meaningful. One of them is about giving sight to the blind.  I can see and  use my vision all day. I’m using it now to type this blog post! Another one is about clothing the naked. Putting on clothes is something that’s really important. Without this prayer, I wouldn’t think about all the small, easy tasks I do. It helps me be a little more grateful for everything I do.

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