07 JanFormation of the Moon

The Earth, the Sun, and solar system was formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago. The solar system was formed by nebula, a group of gas, ice, and dust. Gravity pulled all of them closer together. The nebula got smaller, turned disk-like, and started rotating. The middle of the disk had more density, and from that, the sun was made. Then, gravity pulled what was leftover together, creating the planets. Since the planets increased in size, they had more gravity. The gravity brought other materials into the planets.

One of the new planets was Earth. Earth got bigger and had thermal energy. The energy has heat, so the planet flowed, creating Earth’s layers. The layers with the most density moved to the center, and the ones with less stayed on top. Gravity brought even more materials in, making Earth shaped like a sphere.

That was about how Earth was formed, now for the moon. My hypothesis is that the moon was formed in a¬†similar way as the Earth, only smaller. I think that gravity brought all the materials together. Next, heat made them flow into layers. Lastly, I think that the Earth’s mass created a strong gravitational pull between them.

Current Earth and moon

Current Earth and moon

Image Credit http://pics.tech4learning.com/details.php?img=earth_from_space.jpg

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