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I used the app Tiny Tap to create a Hebrew vocabulary game for the First, Second, and Third graders at my school. Everyone got partners to do the project with. I was partners with Barbie. I think I worked well with Barbie and we agreed on almost everything. Barbie and I made the app about the face. For example, Barbie recorded herself  asking a question in Hebrew such as: Where is the nose? Then if the student knew what the question was asking, they would touch the nose on the photo of a face. If they touched the nose and got it correct the IPad would say in Hebrew: Yes, that is the nose. Good job! If they touched the wrong thing the IPad would say in Hebrew: Please try again. I liked how we got to work with the IPads because they are more fun than just making a game on paper. I didn’t like how simple and basic the app was. I would improve the app by being able to draw a picture on it and by having different options of how to make the game.

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  1. avatar Yogev Shelly says:

    Hi Sarah, my name is Yogev Shelly (Yogi), I’m the Co-Founder of TinyTap. I agree with you that we still have a long way to go with TinyTap and we’re constantly adding new features, the latest big thing we added was inspired by your idea, a built in painter! we like to call it TinyTap Artist, a new way to draw your own games 🙂 you can update TinyTap to start using it, here’s a blog post we made about Artist http://blog.tinytap.it/come-draw-with-us/ Thanks and keep creating! Your friend Yogi.

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