22 MayReflections of Fifth Grade

I will remember exciting activities that we did with twenty-first century learning. Without those activities I wouldn’t have my blog. In Fifth Grade there were so many funny memories, but my favorite funny memory would have to been Purim. I loved how hilarious the costumes were. Another time during Purim was when the Rabbi dressed up as Elmo, and scared a lot of girls in my class. Out of all the schoolwork, I will remember math the most. I really like Singapore Math because it has shortcuts and makes things easier. I will remember how unique, and funny my classmates are. When I leave Fifth Grade I will miss my teachers and classmates the most because I will have different teachers, and some of my classmates will be going to different schools. When I am fifty-six I will remember learning Hebrew in Fifth Grade.


A Portrait of Myself that I did in Art:

2 Responses to “Reflections of Fifth Grade”

  1. avatar shelly zavon says:

    Sarah, I am going to miss you! I will miss your wonderful smile the most! Have a great summer and keep up the great work on your blog! Please come by and say “hi” to me next year!

  2. avatar Mrs. Hernandez says:

    Your contour drawing came out really well! I can’t quite believe that you, Lily and your other classmates are finished with 5th grade and about to start middle school. How did that happen so fast?? Well, it seems fast to me.
    I am so pleased that you appreciate having a blog and that you use it to express yourself so beautifully. I hope you will continue blogging over the summer.
    What are you doing over the summer?
    I hope you have a fantastic summer! -Ms. H

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