18 MayField Trip to Savannah

Yesterday fourth and fifth grade took a field trip to Savannah. First, we went to the main Savannah museum, and watched a short film about Savannah’s history. Second, we walked around the museum. Then, we had a tour of the First, African Baptist Church in Savannah. The entire church was built by African slaves! They had wooden bleachers with cursive Hebrew carved onto the side. Next, everybody had lunch in a park. At the end of lunch, we met a walking tour guide, who took us to different parks. After that, we went to a fort, where there were people pretending to be soldiers in the war. Everybody had to march to different parts of the  fort, where we learned different things. At the first area we learned how to signal a flag, and use the morass code. The lady explained to us that those things were their only options of communication. At the second area, she told us about diseases and injuries that made the soldiers die. At the third area we learned about the clothes they wore. Lastly, we got on the bus to go back home.

The most memorable place we visited  was the church because I learned a lot of things. Another reason is that we are Jewish, so it was something unique, and interesting. My least favorite place we visited was the fort because it was outdoors and by then it was disgusting outside. I don’t think going to Savannah was a good trip because it was raining and hailing on our way back. I think future classes should make the same trip because I learned so much, but I think next time they should go to the synagogue earlier in case the weather gets really awful by the end of the day.

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_t_in_dc/6923590193/


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  1. avatar Zach R. says:

    Your field trip sounds like a lot of fun! I was surprised that there was cursive Hebrew on the benches of the baptist church. I think that there was hebrew on the benches because Christians use the first testiment which was originally in Hebrew. Fort Jackson looks really cool. What was it like inside the fort, and was it intact or falling apart? Your article was very interesting and informative. I enjoyed reading all about your trip to Savannah.

    • avatar sarahsc says:

      Thank you for the information about the why you think the benches have Hebrew on the side. I had no idea about that. The inside of the fort was intact, but I could see a few bricks were missing on the wall.

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