08 AprABC’s Advice for Life

A: Always use the ABC’s of advice for life.

B: Be the first to try something new.

C: Calm yourself when you’re upset.

D: Don’t be a bully.

E: Everyone is different, you can be too.

F: Forgive yourself and others for what they do.

G: Give a chance in life.

H: Happiness is a state of mind.

I: Inside is what is important in a person.

J: Jump with joy.

K: Kindness is the key.

L: Live life with happy thoughts.

M: Memories are treasures of the heart.

N: Nothing can stop you.

O: Open your heart.

P: Practice being kind.

Q: Queens may have the crowns, but you’re just as important as them.

R: Racing through life won’t get you anywhere.

S: Small steps make a difference.

T: Try something new.

U: Unique is good not bad, so try to be different.

V: Vocabularies should not include words such as: can’t, hate and, awful.

W: Wonder about everything.

X: X =hugs, O=kisses. Give one today.

Y: You can change the world.

Z: Zillions acts of kindness, and caring are what the world needs.

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  1. avatar Judy Doctoroff says:

    Hi Sarah. I like the acrostic format you used for this post. I’m a teacher from Winnipeg Canada and your teacher showed us the blogfolios you have created. I also like the words of wisdom you shared in this post.

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