21 MarOwl Facts

This was a homework assignment. It was to draw an animal from a story we are reading in class this week. The title is “Exploding Ants”. You probably are wondering if exploding ants are real. Yes, exploding ants are real, living, breathing creatures. They explode when predators come, so they can defend their colony. There are other animals in this book, too: Honey Jar Ants, owls, and snakes. They all have weird or strange ways of adapting and surviving. Honey Jar Ants swell their abdomens with a golden substance that they eat. Snakes and owls eat their animals whole. Larger snakes also can open their mouthes so far that they can swallow deer or pigs whole. For my animal I chose the owl.

Click here for more information about exploding ants.

The owl's belly has more facts.

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  1. avatar Quinn says:

    I really enjoyed learning about “Exploding Ants”.

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