06 MarFiction Interview With a Slave

Reporter: Hello! I am a reporter and I am going to be interviewing an African slave named Sarah. I am going to ask her  about what her life is like.

Slave: Hi! Thank you so much for choosing me to interview. I am honored to be interviewed by you. I can’t wait to tell you the story about my life.

Reporter: Let me start with some questions.

Reporter: What age were you when you were captured?

Slave: I was seven years old when my sister and I was captured by the colonists. I was in Fante, West Africa at the time and was brought to North America soon later.

Reporter:  What did you do as a slave?

Slave: I was bought from a man with a large family. I worked as a maid on the farm while my sister worked in the town’s inn as a cook.

Reporter: Is there anything you enjoyed while working?

Slave: I really enjoyed it when all the slaves played instruments like the drums to keep the African culture alive. When I was in Africa everyone played instruments and sang. I was very good at the banjo. All the farms around ours banned the instruments. I was very happy when our owners did not ban the music. My owners enjoyed music.

Reporter: Did you ever travel as a slave?

Slave: No. I wasn’t allowed to travel or go on ships. All slaves had to have written permission to travel. They said that was so we couldn’t escape.

Reporter: Did you ever do anything other then work as a slave?

Slave Yes. I worked some nights and weekends sewing clothes. I did this to get more money so I could purchase my freedom. I did this many years later and then got a full paying job. Next I found my sister who had already purchased her freedom. I was so happy I found her.

Reporter: Wow! You had a really hard life. Thank you for letting me interview you!

Slave: You’re welcome.


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