05 MarIf I Had a Disability….

This is a  fiction journal entry for an assignment in Reading. My class is reading the story “Stretching Ourselves”. It is about a group of children with cerebral palsy. 

Dear Diary,                          March 5th 2012

I have a milder version of cerebral palsy. Even though I am not in a wheelchair or have any artificial legs, I have trouble moving some parts of my body. This means I am handicapped. When I gait a long time my abdomen starts to hurt. Every week I go to see a therapist. I do many stretches with her. It hurts at first but then my legs start to feel better. She says that if I stretch every day my legs will get stronger and stronger. One of the difficulties is that if I am running and do not stretch first I can’t go very fast. If we do have to stretch I am very good at it because I am so used to doing that at least once a day.


Sarah 🙂

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