28 FebA Difficult Situation

Notice to all readers: What I am writing is an all fiction story. All characters are also not real. I am doing this for a homework assignment. The assignment is to give someone advice about how to deal with a difficult situation. Amanda is one of my (pretend) friends that I am sending an email to.  

Dear Amanda,

I am so sorry that your best friend, Susie has moved to India. Make sure you keep in touch with her. You can write her letters, so you can be pen-pals. Be sure to call her and tell her you miss her. You can try to make new friends. I know that no one can ever replace Susie, but try to be friends with one of the other girls in your class. They probably miss Susie too. Maybe you can convince your parents to let you visit her in the summer. Susie would love to show you India. You can ask Susie if you can Skype her sometime. Make sure Susie is awake or at home because the time difference is ten and a half hours. Tell Susie I say hi.



2 Responses to “A Difficult Situation”

  1. avatar shelly zavon says:

    Excellent advice! I was sad when my best friend moved to North Carolina. I can’t imagine her moving to India!

  2. avatar talyap says:

    I agree with Mrs.Zavon having a friend moving away frome you is very hard!

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