23 FebKaleidoscope Day

Today at school it was Kaleidoscope Day. Kaleidoscope Day is the day of the arts. Our entire school at MJGDS went to Friendship fountain. First we went on a St. Johns River Cruise. The boat was really cool. They talked about all the animals that lived in the St. Johns River habitat. We all saw live turtles and snakes! Second we had lunch in the park. Then we went back to school for more fun. I did some relaxing yoga and then did some art. To do the art you use colored paper squares with a black, sticky board. You take the squares align them up and stick them on the board. After that we did acting/theater. Lastly we went outside to pick up waste on the playground. I had a really fun time!

Friendship Fountain

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mhwlng/3827437149/



7 Responses to “Kaleidoscope Day”

  1. avatar Mom says:

    What a fun day!
    I am so glad you enjoyed the
    field trip and school activities.
    Love, Mom

  2. avatar Brianna G says:

    I had fun too. Were you there when we did the words in a bottle for the troops. You didn’t write that.

  3. Wow, even though I haven’t heard of Kaleidoscope Day before you wrote about it in your blog post, it seems fun!

    Cheers! 🙂
    Alpha Adventurer 19

    P.S If you have time, please comment and check out my blog! Thanks. Looking forward to connect with you!

  4. avatar jon.mitzmacher says:

    Have you done yoga before? I have never tried it. I’m not sure I have the patience for it. Do you think I should take a class?

    Keep on blogging!

    • avatar sarahsc says:

      No, I have not done yoga before. This was my first time. I think you should take a class. Yoga is very relaxing and calming. I would love to try it again.

  5. avatar talyap says:

    Hi Sarah, Kalidiscope day was very fun day!

    • avatar sarahsc says:

      I agree with you, Talya. Kaleidoscope day was a lot of fun. What was your favorite part about it. Thank you so much for all the comments you left me!

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