16 FebThe Retreat

Today fifth and sixth grade had the first ever, in-school retreat. First we prayed and went over our plans for the day. Next we did a digital scavenger hunt where you take pictures that had to do with the quotes your team was given. Then we all had to make a commercial for our school on the IPads. They might even go on the school blog! After that everyone had lunch and switched teams. We went outside with coach and did some games. The first game was that your team was given an egg and you had to use nature to package it, so it would not break when we dropped it off the monkey bars. My team used moss and leaves to create our package. Every team’s egg survived! On the second game we had to spell out a word in Hebrew about our experience today. My team spelled out מצוין which in Hebrew means excellent. We used this word because we had an excellent day.  The third game was with hula-hoops and the fouthwe played flag football. Lastly our school had an assembly about the Florida Lacrosse team. Their mascot is a bulldog. I had such a fun day today!

2 Responses to “The Retreat”

  1. avatar Mrs. Zavon says:

    Sarah, first, congratulations on your 101 posts! That is a huge achievement.
    Second, I enjoyed reading you blog about the retreat. I am glad that you found it an enjoyable day. What do you think that everyone learned from the experience? What was the best part of the day for you?
    I really enjoyed seeing all of the teamwork!

  2. avatar talyap says:

    I agree with Mrs. Zavon congrats on having 101 posts, and the retreat was very fun day at school!

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