01 FebReceiving The Ten Commandments

Bnai Israel received the Ten Commandments on Har Sinai. Har Sinai was a mountain that today nobody knows where it is located. Lightning, clouds and fire circled around Har Sinai. You could hear the sound of a Shofar being blowed. Moshe was the only one that G-d allowed to come up Har Sinai to actually get the Ten Commandments.When he finally reached the top of the mountain G-d gave Moshe the Ten Commandments.  Bnai Israel was nervous, scared, and excited while in preparation for receiving the Ten Commandments. They washed and cleaned themselves and their clothes, and only wore white for the honor of receiving the Ten Commandments. Bnai Israel were astonished, and terrified when they saw the fire. The experience must have been mind blowing.

This is a picture I drew of what I think Har Sinai looked liked when Bnai Israel recived the Ten Commandments.

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  1. avatar Morah Liat says:

    What a great description of this amazing event. I love your drawing.

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