01 FebGeorge Washington Carver

George Washington Carver was born around the time of 1864 and died in 1943. He was a slave on a Missouri plantation, and was sick child. He was not able to do heavy work. Carver spent most of his time collecting plants in the woods. Carver studied Botany, which is the study of plants, and chemistry in college. After that, he became a teacher, and did scientific research. His research changed farming in the South forever. Because of this he became known as “The Miracle Worker.”

During the 1900s the South had grown cotton for almost 200 years. The plants have removed from the soil most of the nutrients that cotton needed to grow, so the cotton crops decreased. George Washington Carver came up with a plan called Crop Rotation. Crop Rotation is when farmers change what they plant in their fields each year. These plants would return nutrients to the soil. Cotton could then be planted again the next year. These techniques were so successful, that farmers were growing more peanuts. George Washington Carver then came up with many uses for the peanuts. He was honored after his death with a monument and a picture of himself on a stamp.

I looked George Washington Carver up because he invented the process of reclamation which we are studying in Science class. He used crop rotation to restore the cotton farmland in the South.

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