02 NovRandom Acts of Kindness

One day when my mother and I were driving home from our vacation, my mom did a random act of kindness. There was an accident, and the cars were not moving. While we were there, a homeless man was sitting on the side of the rode. He looked very sad, and needed some help. I pointed this out to my mother. My mom opened the window, and then called the homeless man over. She asked me if it was okay, and then gave food that I was going to eat for dinner to the homeless man. He thanked us many times. I was so happy that the man had some food to eat for dinner.

A random act of kindness is something nice that someone does, that is not planned. When I was at MOSH, a few people did random acts of kindness. My mom and I had just walked into the MOSH museum, when a little girl started to cry outside the building. We soon realized that the girl had gotten her hand stuck in the automatic door. The people that did the random act of kindness were, a MOSH employee, a man walking in MOSH, and my mom. The MOSH employee was very strong, and pulled on the door, so it would not close. My mother called the hospital, while another man put his hand in the door, and then pulled the little girl’s hand out of the door. Everyone was happy that the little girls hand was not broken.



2 Responses to “Random Acts of Kindness”

  1. avatar shelly.zavon says:

    Sarah, these are two great examples of random acts of kindness. Your writing is so expressive. I always look forward to reading your posts. Keep up the good work!

  2. avatar talyap says:

    I agree with our teacher. Be a Mensch!

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