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Direct Variation

This week in math we learned about direct variation.



Point Slope Form

This week in math we learned about Point Slope Form.Blank

“You shall be holy, for I, the L‑rd your G‑d, am holy.”

I think that the quote, “You shall be holy, for I, the L‑rd your G‑d, am holy” means that since G-d is holy then so should you. Some people think that we are made with G-d or he is one of our fathers, so maybe we have him in us. Which makes us holy too. Some ways that you could be Holy are praying, keeping kosher, following mitzvot, etc. Everyone can be holy if they believe what their doing is im

Book Commercials

In my Language Arts class we have to do book commercials regularly. Every few months you give a brief summary on a book you have read. You also have to make a poster online or by hand. These book commercials are a way for the middle school to prepare for public speaking. In these book commercials you have to try and not look at your paper. Instead, you are to try and make eye contact with your audience. You are also suppose to use hand gestures which is the hardest part for me.

The past book commercials I have done have been horrible. I loose my train of thought, make no sense, or I just stutter. My very first book commercial was on Where She Went by Gayle Forman. I completely messed up on everything for this book. Since then, I feel as if I have improved by a little bit.

My last book commercial, for the year, was on a book called Lockdown by Diane Tullson. Since this is my last book commercial I have to film and critic it. To start off I probably shouldn’t have told the ending. Which I didn’t do on purpose. Next, I should have practiced a little more because I made the book sound so confusing, which it was confusing for me. Lastly, I should have looked down on my paper once or twice so I wouldn’t mess up, which I clearly did. Obviously, I still need some more practice, but I defiantly have improved since the beginning of the year.


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My New York Trip

For the eighth grade trip, this year, we went to New York. I think one reason why we went was because of the Jewish population. In 2014, New York had a population of 1,757,270 which is the highest population of a state in the United States. Another reason why I think we went is because of all the historical monuments such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the 9/11 Memorial. Lastly, I think we went because of how much fun you can have with your friends in New York.


There were a lot of entertaining parts of New York, but two of them really stood out to me. One was going to see Wicked. Wicked is a story told before the Wizard of Oz. It was a really long play, but it was worth it. IMG_7855_JPG_-_sarah_c_mjgds_org_-_Martin_J__Gottlieb_Day_School_MailMy favorite part of Wicked is when everyone screamed when the saw the green woman. Another good part was when they sang Defying Gravity and Popular. Wicked is now one of my favorite plays and I would definitely like to see it again.


Another entertaining part of my trip was going to see Live with Kelly and Michael. We got to see Kelsey Grammer, Guillermo Diaz, and Kim Kardashian. I was so excited to see Kim Kardashian because she is one of my favorite people to watch on t.v., and she was a surprise guest. We got so lucky to get tickets because they sell out in a matter of hours.


Even though we had so many educational activities. There were two that I thought were cool. I liked visiting the 9/11 Memorial because so many people died and it was an amazing experience to get to know what actually happened. We had a tour of the memorial that was done by three guys that had connections to 9/11. They were either survivors of 9/11, knew someone who died in 9/11, or had a special connection to 9/11. Each story was so different, yet so meaningful at the same time.


Another educational activity that we did was go to Ellis Island. We took a ferry to get there and on the way we passed the Statue of Liberty. Even though we didn’t get to go and take a tour I think looking at it was better anyways. Ellis Island was where many immigrants passed, and it was a place where you either got into the United States of America, or you got sent back to where you came from. We also got to see where people would go to bed. They were extremely tiny beds and I can’t imagine anyone being able to fall asleep in them. We lastly got to see the Wall of Honor. It was a wall that had all of the names of people who traveled through Ellis Island. I got to see a lot of people with the same last name as me and I later found out that I had relatives who actually did pass through.


When we went to New York there were so many Jewish influences. For our Mitzvah project we went to Bobbi’s Place. This is a  place where the less fortunateIMG_7923_JPG_jpeg_-_sarah_c_mjgds_org_-_Martin_J__Gottlieb_Day_School_Mail can go for clothes. All of the clothes are free and they are for  children. This if for Jewish and Orthodox people who often want to be modest, but still look  fashionable. When you go you can take as many clothes as you want. When we went there we  put size tags on all of the boy suits. This is by far one of the hardest things to do.


Another Jewish influence was when we went to Borough Park. Borough Park is a huge  neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. There are a lot of Jewish people that live there. When  we  went we walked on the sidewalks and we saw so many Jewish people, especially Orthodox  Jews. It was such a cool place to go to because you could feel right at home and not think  you’re an outsider.


In conclusion, I had such a fun time at New York. We did so much in just four days. Even though it was very exhausting I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go. My favorite part out of the whole trip was going to see Live With Kelly and Michael because it was a show that I watch daily and I actually got to see a live show. The least favorite part of the trip was getting yelled at by an older man when we were on the subway. I would definitely go back or even live there when I am older. I am glad that was one of my last memories in the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School especially because it was with all of my friends.


My Middle School Experience

For all three years of middle school I have gone to the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School. I love going to MJGDS because it opens me up to my Jewish life. I also like the Mitzvah trips we go on every Friday. These trips help me see what the real world looks like. Being in the Matin J. Gottlieb Day School doesn’t allow me to meet different people because we are all Jewish. These Mitzvah trips fill in the blank spaces that I was lacking.

Sixth grade was a difficult year because I couldn’t adjust to the new system. Going into middle school from elementary school_1__Lisa_Kahn_Chisholm was a huge step because we were the underdogs. My first impressions of middle school was that it was scary. All three grades (6th, 7th, and 8th) had to do everything together; praying, projects, and I was even in some classes together. That same year I went to Washington D.C. and I went on a middle school retreat. On both of these events, I got sick. In my opinion. they were not fun at all.

In seventh grade things got a bit easier but not completely. I fund out that my got a bit easier, but they were still hard for me. That year a lot of drama went on. We were always bickering going on and we didn’t really enjoy each other’s company. That same year we went on another retreat, like we do every year, and I had so much fun. I got really close with a lot of people.

Eighth grade has been the best year ever. Since there is only seven kids in my class, we have gotten extremely close.This year

we are going to New York. I can’t wait for this trip because I am going to a place I’ve never been before. Being an eighth grader you have to set an example and be a role model, so I know what is expected. I hope I have shown a good example because I know I had one when I was in sixth grade.

In conclusion, my middle school experience has been rocky, but it has also been good. I’ve learned so much such as what it means to be mature, honest, kind, enthusiastic, and most importantly how to be a strong Jewish young adult. I know that I will carry on my Jewish faith throughout my life. I have had help with all of my teachers, friends, family, and a huge help form one of my teachers, Morah Eta. I hope my high school experience will be just as good as my middle school has been.



Solving for a Variable

This week in math we learned about solving for a variable.


Seder at Mt. Carmel

This week for our mitzvah projects we went to Mt. Carmel to do a Passover Seder. Mt. Carmel is a assistant living place for the elderly. We usually go there every year and help teach the elders about Passover. I think that the mitzvah that we are doing is Hiddur Penei Zaken, honoring the elderly. I think it’s important to go to Mt. Carmel because we get to teach and learn new things about Passover.

Solving Two Step Equations

This week in math we learned about solving two step equations.


To Kill a Mockingbird Game and Poem

In language arts class we had to do two projects about To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. 

To Kill a Mockingbird Assignment

Choose one option from “A” and one option from “B” to complete.

A           1. Atticus tells Scout that you “never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view-until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” Becomeone of the following characters and narrate a specific event from the novel in his/her voice and point of view:

Boo Radley        Tom Robinson            Atticus

Mrs. Dubose             Mayella Ewell           Scout

  1. Create a game board tracing Scout and Jem’s journey through To Kill a Mockingbird.At the various spaces players land on which are pivotal to events in the text, such as Mrs. Dubose’s house, write a card in which you question the player about what Scout and Jem learned at that place on the board. Accompany your game board with an explanation of how your game reflects the plot, setting, characters, and themes in the novel.
  1. Become Scout and create an annotated scrapbook of at least 10 pages. On each page, paste in something that reflects some aspect of Scout’s experience growing up. Make sure that at least two items are written-for example a letter from Dill, a newspaper article about the trial, or a diary entry. Annotate each entry as Scout, explaining why she has chosen to put them in her scrapbook.
  1. Make a CD of at least 6 songs that represent the themes/characters/events in the novel. Make a cover for the CD. Include a written explanation (in paragraph form) for each song you chose and the relationship to the novel. Explain how the lyrics are connected to the theme or event.

B            1. Atticus says, “Mr. Cunningham’s basically a good man; he just has his blind spots.” Discuss and analyze the blind spots of at least four characters in the novel. What do they share in common?

  1. Atticus hopes that his children won’t catch “Maycomb’s usual disease.” Using To Kill a Mockingbird as a point of departure, write a reflective essay on the disease of prejudice, how it spreads and how it can be stopped.
  1. Write two front pages of The Maycomb Gazette-one just after the trial of Tom Robinson and another after the death of Bob Ewell. Include a news article, feature, editorial, advice column, and illustrations with captions.

4. Write one long poem, in the form of your choosing, about the novel or one of the main characters. The poem can be told by a narrator of your creation or from the perspective of one of the characters. On a separate paper, explain how your poem is connected to the novel.


I choose to do A) 1 and B)4

It all starts in Maycomb

Dill comes for the Summer

Jem touched the house then ran home

Scout starts school on the wrong foot what a bummer

Walter Cunningham comes for lunch

Scout doesn’t like the way he eats

Calpurnia sets her straight; Scout has a hunch

A mad dog is running around and he weeps

Heck Tate doesn’t think he has a good enough aim

Gives the gun to Atticus

Then the dog got shot, what a shame

The kids thought their dad was just fabulous

The trial starts

Mayella Ewell supposedly got raped

Tom Robinson explains his parts

Tom’s guilty sent to jail but tries to escape

He gets shot dead

Jem and Scout get attacked

Boo Radley takes Jem to his bed

Jem hurts his arm but it’s still intact

They find out that Boo Radley’s real name is Arthur

Scout takes Arthur home nothing further

The poem is connected to the novel because it’s a summary of what the big events that happened in the book from my perspective.


I also made this game where you roll a dice and you have to answer questions. If you don’t answer the question correctly then you stay int he same spot for the next round.