Vocabulary Notebook

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My Opinion writing

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I think that books are good because they can open your mind to different things. There are different kinds of books – information books, fiction books, and you tell the story books.  People usually read paper or hard back covered books,  Some movies are based off of books.  Most books are read on paper but some books are on Ebook.

For example, I read Treasure Hunters, and my mind was blown! It had kids who were real treasure hunters.  It was really cool that the kids went on so many adventures, and they were home-schooled.

Graphic novels are mainly pictures with a few words.  My favorite graphic novels are in the series The Babysitters Club.  Usually graphic novels are fiction and they are also known as comic books.

Books can give information too.  For example, the series Who Was or Who is.  Those books tell us information about people who made a difference.  I read about Anne Frank and I learned her life was really hard because of Hitler.

If I read books you should read books too!





Me in Egypt

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Babby Elephant Marshmellow

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Kangaroo bayou

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Falcon File

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Koala Corner

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I went to (photos for class). And downloaded the picture and I went to my blog and uploaded  the picture from downloads on files. And there you have it.

How to Grow a Tomato

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In the class I made a book. I brain-stormed topics and I made a draft. And from there on I typed it. I decided a good topic.I tried new leads.Most of the writing was from my brain. I know how to grow a tomato by heart. The reason I picked how to grow a tomato was because I love growing vegetables.  I could try to use more grammar. I could use more spelling correction. And more of the (how to) writing, on my own.

Coding Space

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