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Israelites in Egypt

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Golden Age of Piracy

Pirates are people who sailed the seas and steal from other ships and people. Not all pirates were killers. There were some girl pirates like Anne Bonny. Most pirates liked to pillage and plunder villages but some don’t. Most people think that pirates loved to fight but they didn’t like it because even a minor cut could lead to a big infection. And they didn’t have doctors so it was worse. The prisoners are set free to tell myths and legends to scare other people from the pirates.


We learned that Pirate flags represent a Pirates crew and the people. Pirates used to trick people by putting up a nice flag and then when a another ship comes closer the pirates put up the skull and crossbones. The skull and crossbones represents an aggressive crew or pirate. I created a flag to trick people. My flag had a smiling skull and two hearts beside the skull.

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My Hanukkah Coding Project

You might notice a lot of other kids have there Hanukkah coding thing up, but I don’t have it up. I didn’t really like doing the coding. Coding is not really my thing and when I heard that we were going to do coding I first I thought that it was going to be fun. But when we got into it, it started to get really hard and I started to not like it. We used the tool Scratch and coded a Hanukkah google doodle. What I thought I did well was I tried to keep a positive attitude while I tried to get it together. What I think I can do better is to try to use more resources and pay more attention.

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I am Thankful for


I am thankful for trees because they give us oxygen and fresh air. I am thankful for family because without a family I would be nothing they are so supportive. I am thankful for a kind community because they protect us from harm. I am thankful to be free in America because in other countries they don’t have freedom of religion but America does. I am thankful for teachers because if we did not have teachers there would be no knowledge in the world a light would not be invented.

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Creative Commons

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Fairy Tale

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The Magical Cafe

Today was the opening and closing of the Magical Cafe. I was kitchen staff it was hard at first but it got easier as more  people were coming. We had many types of food. We worked as a team to accomplish the cafe. all the money we earned went to tsedakah. There was more than $225.00 that we earned from the work. Now I know what it feels like to be kitchen staff.  So when I go to a restaurant I know to be grateful of their hard work. I will see you next time on my blog. from Sam to world.

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My favorite Parasha in the Sefer Shemot is Tetzave


I like the parsha Tetzaveh because it tells the story

Of moses telling the Kohanim to get pure olive oil for the Ever lasting menorah. I like that this parsha talks about the clothes that the Kohanim wore. They wore: a ketonet, mishnasayim , mitznefet and a annet.

The kohen hagadol wore a efod, me’il, tzitz. And my favorite one the choshen I like that it represents the different tribes it’s like they each had there own personalities.  The reason I picked this parasha is because I like the different types of clothes they wore. Since I want to be a fashion disiener this gives me insparation. Me and my dad thought it was a good idea to pick this parsha.

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Vocabulary Notebook

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My Opinion writing

I think that books are good because they can open your mind to different things. There are different kinds of books – information books, fiction books, and you tell the story books.  People usually read paper or hard back covered books,  Some movies are based off of books.  Most books are read on paper but some books are on Ebook.

For example, I read Treasure Hunters, and my mind was blown! It had kids who were real treasure hunters.  It was really cool that the kids went on so many adventures, and they were home-schooled.

Graphic novels are mainly pictures with a few words.  My favorite graphic novels are in the series The Babysitters Club.  Usually graphic novels are fiction and they are also known as comic books.

Books can give information too.  For example, the series Who Was or Who is.  Those books tell us information about people who made a difference.  I read about Anne Frank and I learned her life was really hard because of Hitler.

If I read books you should read books too!





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