My Bio Poem

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When I first herd that we were going to be doing poems I was like why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I never knew that we would be doing different kids of poems I was like now were talking. there was a tanka poem, a preposition, a bio poem, a haiku poem and a pensee poem. and mrs. Hallet said that we would have a poetry slam which sounded awesome and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 16th 2018 4th Grade, Library

Plants and Animals Classification

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Check out my cool animal and plant classification project.

May 4th 2018 4th Grade, Science

Going To Fort Caroline

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On March 22, 2018, third, fourth and fifth graders had a field trip to Fort Caroline National Memorial. I learned that the Timucua Indians dressed very different than the French because the Timucua Indians dressed basically naked they only had on animal skin in certain places and the French had so much clothes on, it was covering their whole entire body. I also learned the Timucua Indians took one bath a day and the French took four bathes a year. My favorite part of the field trip was when we went to Fort Caroline it had cool canons and a water moat and the fort was built right on the river. I think this field trip was really fun and I learned a little too. I would recommend this field trip to other fourth graders like me because one, this field trip was really fun and two, it was educational. 


March 23rd 2018 4th Grade, Social Studies, Writing

Tubing Is The Best water Sport!!!

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Imagine that you are cruising through a river on a tube, a large pancake-like a inflatable made out of thick rubber. There you are, daring the huge bumps and your boat driver slowly turns the boat so hard causing the tube you’re on to go flying through the water and into the air a little bit. You are holding on for your dear life as you are being jerked forward, almost falling off the tube. You are still holding on with one hand and the water is crashing in your face. Good thing you have on a lifejacket so you are safe. Tubing is the best water sport. Tubing is the best water sport  because it is fun, it’s like a roller coaster and it is a good work out.


Tubing  is fun because it is very cool when you do flips. It feels like you are on a flipping machine. It is also a good thrill because when you go over the wake (rip current that keeps you from going into the hard outside river) you feel like you are dropping from a tall building and your body flies up. In my opinion it is crazy safe because during tubing you can signal the boat driver with hand movements such as go faster, slow down, do a donut, make a lot of bumps, and a lot more!!!


          Tubing is like a roller coaster because when you bump sideways into the air you flip like a roller coaster and sometimes you land upside down. It is like a endless roller coaster because roller coasters usually close at night but with tubing you can do it all night and all day. Tubing is like a roller coaster but without the cost because roller coasters cost so much money but with tubing you don’t have to pay anything.


It works your arms because when you go over bumps your arms and hands  are the only thing keeping you from falling. Tubing can give you muscles because when the boat driver does a harsh turn It gets your muscles tight and strong. It works your mind because when you make up strategies on what you think the boat driver is going to do next it makes your brain big and strong.  

   In conclusion tubing is the best water sport. Tubing is the best water sport because it is fun, tubing is like a roller coaster and tubing is a good work out.    

March 21st 2018 4th Grade, Writing

Moses Was Helping A Slave

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In Jewish studies, we are studying how the Jewish people became slaves to Pharoh. drawing a picture and creating sentences that were related to our picture. I drew Moses protecting a slave that was about to get whipped hard by an Egyptian guard. I chose this picture because I think it is good to stand up for other people.

March 20th 2018 4th Grade, Jewish Studies

The Golden Age of Piracy

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Pirates usually battled against Navy ships because the navy ships were protecting the people living in the area. Blackbeard was a very famous pirate. He was famous for his big black beard. When he saw other ships he would tie rope around his beard and set it on fire. The smoke from the fire made the other pirates think it was a scary ghost and they went away. A privateer is someone who is hired by another country to steal and attack other ships. Anne Bonny was a female pirate and a good one to she joined a crew that stole from ships near Jamaica. Most people think pirates were vicious killers and they buried their treasure and left a map that showed X marks the spot. People made movies and books about pirates like Jack Sparrow and it showed pirates shooting cannons at the other ship making it sink into the water.  


Pirates switch their flags to trick their enemies. The pirate flag let everyone know they were dealing with pirates. Many pirate captains designed their own flags. I made a scary pirate flag. I had two pirate swords and skeleton bones. I added the swords because I wanted the other ship to know if they attack me I will attack them back. The skeleton bones mean if I capture you I will put you in a cell for life.   

March 9th 2018 4th Grade, Social Studies, Writing

Parashah pikudai

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Moses gathered the people together and told them about the mishkan that they would build. First moses repeated the warning about not working on shabbat. Next he told them what materials they needed to build the mishkan. The people were very happy to give their gold, silver and jewelry. They brought their best materials, precious stones, oils, and everything else that they needed. At dawn there were already lines of people waiting to bring their donations. Instead of asking the people to bring more gifts, moses had to tell everyone to stop bringing their valuables. The people were very careful to follow what god had said, down to the smallest detail. When the work was done, moses blessed the people. Then the pillar of cloud covered the mishkan and the spirit of god filled the whole place. Whenever the cloud rose and moved forward, the people followed it, and when it stopped and settled on the mishkan, the people set up camp. All the work on the mishkan is finished. The mishkan is set up for the first time. Aaron puts on his head of kohein clothes for the first time. There is a special service to mark this first time. Moses puts the tablets in the ark. He puts bread on the table, and he lights the menorah. Then moses hangs the curtain on the front of the mishkan. When the mishkan is finished, god can be found there.

My life lesson it that you should always be generous kind.          

If  you were going to work in the Mishkan you would wear your  best clothes. Our activity is that you will get a piece of paper and you will drawl your nicest clothing and then you will cut it out.




March 9th 2018 4th Grade, Jewish Studies

Realistic Fiction: The Stolen Car

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Check out my realistic fiction story, The Stolen Car!



Remy – The Stolen Car from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo.

January 23rd 2018 4th Grade, Writing

My Hunakkah Google Doodel

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1. tap the green flag to actovat it.
2. hit the space botten.
3. and begen to wach the magic.

I created this amazing google doodle. I created it on the website Scratch. I wached some tutoril videos to healp code it. It ternd out to be really fun but at ferst it was so hard. I was getting mixed up and a little frustcheradid. I took some advise from a class mate because I liked some things on his progect and he showed me how to do it and I thot my google doodle looked preaty good. I really liked the speach bubbles. next time I would like to do a lot more writing.




January 17th 2018 4th Grade, Library

Creative Commons

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November 15th 2017 4th Grade, Library