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Cool Cool Motor Cycle

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Awesome Lamborghini


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cute monkey

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How To Make A Pizza

I brainstormed how to make a pizza. I got information from and

from world book. I thot I did well on my information because at first it was

hared but when I found a good website it was much easier.  I think

I can do beter next time is brainstormed because I only did pizza

I think I can do beter next time.

Puppies All Over!

My Hannukah gift to the world


Coding Space

A Book About Me in Hebrew

anaconda strikes

I researched and made a book. I practiced a lot and recorded. I got research from the websites. And databases. I wrote a lot and worked hard. I drew some pictures. It was fun. I took notes from my organizer. I used Google Earth to show where the Amazon rainforest is.  I used Popplet to create my diagram for the anaconda. And I used Book Creator.