Fairy Tale

The Magical Cafe!!!

I thought having a cafe was really fun and exciting .We got to know how to run our very own cafe. We used real money. It was kind of funny because our opening day is on our closing day.I hope we do more things like this one next year.

Yom HaAtzmaut

  • Last week was Yom HaAtzmaut and there were wonderful stations throughout the school. My favorite station was PE because we played soccer and basketball. I thought that was really fun.  We also had a chocolate bar it was delicious.

My favorite parasha in sefer shemot is donating

I chose donating for parasha shemot because I am doing a good deed. you could be giving something to a person

who less fortunate. and that’s why my favorite thing in parasha shemot is donating.

Vocabulary Notebook

I Love Labrador Retrievers

The labrador retriever is the most popular dog breed in America. They are smart and easy to train.

They have a short, thick, smooth coat and it is water resistant. The three colors of a lab are yellow, black, or chocolate brown. There are different shades of these types of Labrador. They have webbed feet. Male labs are usually about 60 to 80 pounds and females are about 45 to 70 pounds.

Labs have a happy personality and love attention. They like to jump and play. Labs are really beautiful and loving. The Labrador is a good family pet. The lab was originally bred in Canada. Labradors are English dogs. Labradors are known for their ability to sprint. They can hit 12 miles an hour in just 3 seconds. Labs were bred to be the perfect water dogs. Fishermen used the dogs to bring in nets, pull ropes between boats, and recover escaped fish.

If you are interested in a lab I definitely think you should get one.

The sea parting

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Cool Cool Motor Cycle

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