No Cellular Phones?!?!

For our last assignment in Language Arts class, we wrote an essay. I did mine on what the positive and negative scenarios would be if cellular phones and internet weren’t invented.

Imagine what the world would be like if cellular phones and internet weren’t invented. Life would be completely different. People wouldn’t be constantly in touch with each other, the use of letters and mail would be more popular, and there wouldn’t be as many jobs for people to have. The first cell phone was invented by Dr. Martin Cooper, and the first call was made in April, during the year of 1973. The actual use of cellular devices and internet became popular in the late 1980s, and they evolved so much over time.

Since cell phones have been made, people have been constantly in touch with each other; especially since smart phones became popular. Everyone is always texting, Facebooking, Snapchatting, and Instagramming, so we always know where people are and what they are doing. There are both positive and negative things about this situation. Some good things about not having cell phones and not being constantly in touch with someone is that there is more privacy, less distractions, more face-to-face contact, and less “false information” spreading from person to person. Some negative things about this is that if someone needed help or was in trouble, they wouldn’t be able to contact someone easily, news wouldn’t spread very quickly, and it would be hard to make plans for last minute events. It’s always a good thing to be able to be in touch with someone, but having it constantly isn’t always the best.

Without smart/cellular phones, email wouldn’t be very popular because it’s so quick and easy to use on a handheld device. Due to this, people would be writing letters and using post offices more. To this day, we still use post offices, but it isn’t as popular as it used to be. It’s good using written mail because of a few reasons. One reason is that post offices would do well in business. In the present day, some post offices are struggling with business because of the use of email and other social media applications. Other reasons that writing letters is better than using email is because practicing writing would make handwriting better, and people would learn more in spelling because they wouldn’t have auto-correct to fix their mistakes. Some reasons why using post offices is worse than using email is because it would take longer for the people to receive their mail, stamps to mail letters cost money, and the mail isn’t unlikely to get misplaced. I like the idea of email better because of the speed, but using post offices is better to use for formal events and other invitations.

Since smartphones and internet are used so much, there are online jobs given out for people to earn money. Without internet and smartphones, there would be less jobs in the world. Unemployment is a major problem in society, and with this situation, it would just be worse. Families struggle with money because of the amount of money jobs pay, and with online jobs, they can get a little more money. In the present day, jobs are given online through online stores, YouTube, taking surveys, and being online teachers. Even though that in the 1980s there weren’t as many problems with unemployment, I think that it’s better that they’re jobs given out online. Without it, there would be a bigger percentage of unemployment today.

Technology and cellular phones have become a major part in our world these days. Some schools are now only using technology, there are online jobs, and there are many applications that people have downloaded to help them in their everyday lives. Without Dr. Martin Cooper, we wouldn’t have cellphones today. Our world would be completely different without these devices. As you’ve read, I think that there are two sides to whether or not it’s good or bad that these devices were invented and should continue to be popular in our twenty-first century world.

The New Girl

In Language Arts class, we are learning about different types of writing. So far, we’ve written persuasive, expository, compare and contrast, narrative, and research essays. Below is a narrative essay that I wrote about how I felt when I was going to meet all of my new friends at camp. 

It was a hot summer day when I arrived at sleepaway camp, waiting to meet so many new people. I got there a day after everybody because of a dance recital, and I was so anxious to see how well I would fit in. Everybody already knew each other from previous years, and I was the “new girl” who got there a day late. My friend and her mom that lived in the area, drove me to the campus from the airport. All three of us were talking about all of the fun I was going to have during that month while we were making our way up the mountain, but other things were going through my mind.

Once we arrived at the camp, I sat on a couch in the welcoming center waiting for my mom, who worked at the camp, to greet me after already being there for a couple days. I remember her telling me that I was going to fit in really well because everybody was so nice, but my friends told me contrasting stories. They told me who to get to know, who to stay away from, and worst of all, that their age group was really cliquey. I had no nerves up until I was sitting on the couch, waiting and thinking about all of the different things that could happen when I met these new people. Would they like me? Would I be accepted? Would I make a lot of friends?

My mom and my aunt entered the welcoming center, and all of a sudden, the nerves went away. I ran up to them and gave them big hugs, and I was ready to see all of the activity that was going on around the camp. My friend and her mom decided to stay for a little longer and tour the camp with my family and me. As we were walking around the camp, it looked like a lot of fun! There was a lot of people, activities, cabins, and nature. My stomach had butterflies in it because of mixed emotions. I was super excited to spend the next month with so many new people, and I was nervous at the same time to see how well I would fit in.

We continued walking around camp, and we noticed a big group of people laughing, talking, and heading our way. They were about my height, and they looked like they were having the time of their lives. All of a sudden, I heard a few people yell my name with excitement in their voices, and then they darted towards me. I was a little confused until I realized that they were two of my best friends. We finally ran to each other and gave each other huge hugs. Since they were so far forward from the rest of the group, we talked for a minute until the rest of the group caught up. I recognized a few more people and gave them hugs as well. After I talked to the people that I already knew, I looked up and realized that my entire age group was basically in a huddle around me. It was an excellent feeling because everyone was greeting me and wanting to become my friend. All of my nerves went away, and the excitement took over. I said goodbye to my mom, aunt, friend, and her mom, and I started walking with my age group to continue the rest of my month from then and on. At that moment, I knew that I was going to have an excellent summer with so many new friends. I ended up having the time of my life at camp, and I will never forget about the close bonds that I made with so many people!


To Kill a Mockingbird Contrast Essay

Recently in class, we read the book To Kill a Mockingbird. After each chapter, we did an assignment to summarize the chapter in detail. Once we finished the book, we watched the movie, and then we took notes on what was different between the two sources. Here is my compare and contrast essay of both the book and the movie, To Kill a Mockingbird. 


“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” This quote was a major theme in Harper Lee’s novel To Kill A Mockingbird. To Kill A Mockingbird is about a girl named Scout who faces different challenges in her life. Scout’s father, Atticus, is chosen to defend a black man who was accused of raping a white girl. During the time of the book, racism was a big problem in the United States. The book and the movie were very different when it comes to certain details. When I compared the book and the movie, I noticed that in the movie, the Finch family wasn’t introduced, the kids never matured, Mrs. Dubose’s story was omitted,  and many details were changed about Bob Ewell, Tom Robinson’s death, and Arthur “Boo” Radley. I didn’t enjoy the movie To Kill A Mockingbird as much as the book because it left out many key points; I liked the book better because it had more detail to the story, it was easier to understand, and it had many events going on instead of just one.

The first difference that I noticed after reading the book and watching the movie, was that in the movie, the Finch family was never introduced. In the novel, Scout and Jem’s Aunt Alexandra came to live with them, and she wanted her family to become more sophisticated. Alexandra made the kids act the way a Finch should. In the book, Alexandra made Atticus talk to his children on how to behave; when he did, he realized that he didn’t do the right thing, and he told his kids to forget about the conversation.  Instead of judging people individually, Alexandra judged people on their family backgrounds. Also, in the movie, Uncle Jack and his family never visited Atticus and his children during Christmas. In the book, Uncle Jack heard Scout say curse words, and he taught her that it isn’t okay to say words like that; especially towards her second cousin, Francis, who told Scout that her father was a “nigger lover.” Both Scout and Jem matured in the book with their attitudes, but in the movie, they were always the same little kids. Scout noticed that in Boo watched Jem and her grow up throughout the years and the seasons. I think that the writers of the movie chose to leave the family out because it would’ve made the movie longer, and it would’ve been harder to follow with all of the extra scenes.

Another difference that I noticed between the movie and the book was that the topic of courage never really showed up. In the book, Jem got annoyed with Mrs. Dubose, and he completely destroyed her camellias. His punishment was that he had to read to her everyday after school for a month. Scout joined him, and they left whenever they heard the bell ring. Jem complained to Atticus about what he had to do, but Atticus said that he would’ve made Jem read to Mrs. Dubose even if he didn’t destroy her camellias because he wanted Jem to see something. After Jem read to Mrs. Dubose for a month, he realized that he was actually helping her. When the bell rang, it was time for Mrs. Dubose to take her medication. Jem’s reading distracted Mrs. Dubose from needing her morphine. Mrs. Dubose had an addiction to her medication, and she wanted to quit her addiction before she died. Mrs. Dubose passed away without an addiction to morphine, and Atticus was glad that Jem got to witness her courage.

The third and final main difference that I noticed between the movie and the book was that there were many details changed throughout the story. We didn’t learn much about Boo Radley in the movie because the movie was based more on the trial. This made Boo a minor character in the story that the directors were portraying. Many scenes about Boo were taken out of the movie; such as the kids putting a note in his window with a fish pole, the kids never reenacted the scene of Boo scrapbooking, and the suspense leading up to Boo’s appearance was less intense. The movie also never really explained why people were afraid of him. The writers of the movie left out the entire scene showing Boo’s kindness towards the children. In the book, it was winter, and everyone was warming up their houses by lighting fires. Miss Maudie’s house burned down, and Atticus told his children to stand outside, right in front of the Radley yard. They weren’t allowed to move, but when Atticus returned, Scout had a blanket wrapped around her. Later in the book, we found out that Boo Radley put the blanket around Scout because it was cold outside. After Miss Maudie’s house burned down, she didn’t really care, and she showed selflessness. She cared more about others than she did about herself. Since Boo was a minor character in the movie, the writers made Bob Ewell a major character. They added scenes of Mr. Ewell in the movie; such as him peeking at Jem in the car at Helen Robinson’s house, and him admitting to Atticus that he knew that Atticus thought that Tom Robinson was an innocent man. During the trial, details were also changed. In the book, the raping took place on November twenty-first, but in the movie, it happened on August twenty-first. After Tom Robinson was proven to be guilty, details changed about his death. Instead of him being shot seventeen times on purpose, he was shot once, as a warning in the movie. Also, Tom was killed on the way to jail instead of being killed while trying to escape jail. I think it was odd that the date of the raping changed, but I don’t understand why the writers of the movie would take out some important events with all of these people. By doing this, the movie had many themes missing in it.

Even though the To Kill A Mockingbird book and movie were very different, they had some similarities too. We learned about many themes from both of these sources; such as racism, bravery, and inequality. Just like today, the characters in the book were divided into upper, middle and lower classes. There were the white people, who were average; the white trash, who were in the lower white class; and the black people, who were all considered trash. We learn about bravery from when Atticus shot Tim Johnson, the dog who had rabies. Atticus didn’t like the idea of shooting any living things, but he was brave enough to shoot the dog, so he could save his people. When it comes to racism, nobody liked the black people, except for Dolphus Raymond. During the trial, when Atticus was defending Tom, Atticus really believed that Tom was innocent, and he tried to get the jury to forget about his race and have them listen to the truth. I enjoyed both the movie and the book of To Kill A Mockingbird, but I preferred the book because it teaches us about many more characteristics and themes that were relevant to the story.  

I Am Slave

In school, we watched a movie called I Am Slave. This movie was about a girl named Malia who was enslaved at age twelve and escaped at age eighteen. When she was first enslaved, she worked for a cruel mistress in London, England, but then she was sent to live with the mistress’s cousin when she got older. Malia always tried contacting the outside world, and she didn’t stop fighting for her freedom. Malia knew that one day, she would be reunited with her family, and that is exactly what happened.

The Jewish holiday, Passover, is coming up, and that is why we recently watched this movie. It reminded us of the slavery that still goes on to this day. Passover is all about the slaves in Egypt that fought for their freedom, and they were eventually freed. After we watched the movie, we sang the following blessing: “Praised are you Adonai our G-d ruler of the universe who makes me free.” We say this blessing every morning when we pray, and we should be thankful that we are free.

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How Should You Be Remembered?

When I pass away, I want people to remember me as a good person. I want people to know that I care for others, I’m energetic, I’m friendly, and I like to help people with things. I love that our middle school goes out on Fridays to help out the community because I really feel like we make a big difference. I will never forget those experiences, and I want people to know that I did those things too. I hope that people remember me for the good and not for the bad. Everybody makes mistakes, but you can always put things like that behind you and focus on the good. Hopefully, many people will like me for being the good person that I am.

Matanot L’evyonim

On Friday, our middle school cooked and served breakfast to migrant tomato workers. They were going on a ten day tour to get businesses to sign up for the Fair Food Program. We were also celebrating Purim that day, so we incorporated a little bit of the holiday into the breakfast. Our Rabbi told the story of Purim, and there was a translator there to tell the workers the story in Spanish. After breakfast, we gave the workers hamantachen as a little Purim treat.

One of the workers told us their goal. They said that they are trying to get businesses that sell tomatoes to pay one more cent per pound, so they can pay their workers fairly. The Fair Food Program has already given them more freedom such as having breaks and allowing to pick tomatoes in the shade.

I feel that the tomato pickers are very determined to get businesses to sign up for their program, and they aren’t afraid to tell other people how they feel. They were all very grateful for what we did, and it looked like they had a good time.

A few months ago, our middle school went to Windy’s to try and get them to sign up for the program. They said that they’d consider it, and I’m really glad that we did something to help out. It was nice that we got to meet the people that we were helping, and they deserve every penny that they get.

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