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   Apr 26

How Shocking!

On Tuesday, my class went to the science lab. We went there because we were to learn about conductors and insulators of electricity. Our science teacher, Mrs. Burkhart, told us an introduction about what we were going to do. Then, we sat in our groups of mostly four. (one group had two) The groups had […]

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   Apr 03

Science Lab Experiment

Today, my class went to the science lab for an experiment. Do you know the rock cycle? Do you know what it is? Well, the rock cycle is the sequence of processes that change rocks over a long time.  In the rock cycle, the material in rocks change again and again. We tried to make […]

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   Apr 02

We Surf The Globe

Today, Mrs. Tolisano taught us what hyper linking is. A hyper- link is when you make a link, but instead of it being the website, it has different words. Sort of like a title. Here is a website that has a post about hyper linking. It is on Mrs. Tolisano’s blog. It is a very descriptive […]

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