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   Mar 29

Quad Blogging Is Almost Over!

Soon, Quad Blogging will be over. Quad Blogging is when there are four people that come together. They can be in schools, cities, countries, states, continents, or even your kids in your neighborhood.   When they come together, one country makes a post. Then, the other countries take turns commenting on the that person’s blog.  I am Quad Blogging with Switzerland, Thailand, and Czech Republic. In my widgets, there is a stamp with all the flags of the members that are participating in our Quad Blogging. Here are the links to their classroom blogs. Here is an image of the stamp. 

Here are the links to their blogs. Czech Republic’s blog ,  Thailand’s blog , and Switzerland’s blog / I am about to tell what I learned, what I should change, did I like it, should I recommend it to a friend, and whether my writing improved.

I think that this blogging experience was more than just fun, but I got to learn about other people’s opinions. I also get to read exciting things that are happening around the world. I also like that my teachers gave us a blogging rubric. Here is an image.  

Although, there are a lot of things that I think can improve. I think that we should not be graded on the posts and comments that we made. When I am graded on my posts and comments, I get so nervous and sometimes I make many mistakes that I don’t even notice. I also think that in our comments, we should add links and try not to use plain words. Plain words are like love, good, sad, angry, slow, and fast. Those are words that are used very often. Fancy words are more like it. Fancy words are sophisticated words and they are memorable. What advice would you give for Quad Blogging so far?

This is a really tough question, has my writing improved? My writing has improved a lot. At school, we printed the best post and comment that we made before the Quad Blogging. Then, after our Quad Blogging we printed a different post and comment. I don’t think that I will have to show you some posts because you are already reading one! Here are two comments that I made. ( The posts were on math word problems.)

Dear Sophie,

The answer for the first question is 230,000. The answer for the second one is 665,450. Are these correct?

I do problems like this all the time. My teacher calls them problem of the day. Every morning, we have the problem of the day and some other math problems. The abbreviation for all of this work is MW. As you already know, it is morning work. Anyways, the word problems that I do don’t only have to do with addition and subtraction. It also has to do with fractions, multiplication, and division. Since you are 3rd graders, I’m sure that your teachers don’t expect you to already know that. If you already know it all then, marvelous! Here is a fascinating math website for you to practice on Here is the link


Rebecca, MJGDS, Team USA  Here is the second comment.  

Dear Emilka,

What a delightful poem. It reminds me of Philadelphia and New Hampshire. In both of those places, it is snowy and very cold. You made a graceful picture to go with your poem. It is just like the poems that I made on my blog. I made a mystery poem that you can try to answer. I also made other examples that you can use such as: my flower poem, my poem about the ocean, and a poem about my mask. I really enjoy making poems. Do you enjoy making poems? Check out my blog for other examples of poems Here is the link

Rebecca, MJGDS, Team USA

Great improvements right? This is what will happen to you if you Quad Blog.

 This is what Quad Blogging will be like. I do hope that the advice I gave will happen. I think that it is an amazing experience. I hope you will do Quad Blogging! Do you like Quad Blogging? Have you ever done Quad Blogging?




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  1. avatar PopPopStan says:

    Pop Pop Stan has seen your writing improve and by following the blogging of your class the writing of your class improve tremendously Rebecca. Quad Blogging has been very interesting. You have learned to express yourself by taking your thoughts and most importantly your imagination and writing. An interesting thing that Pop Pop tan has learned Becca is that Plain Words get an idea across and are generally understood by everyone. You can say car, vehicle or automobile. When you see an advertisement on television the message is generally told in as simple words as possible. I do love to use more sophisticated words and believe that we should improve our minds by learning sophisticated words. When I went to school in the sixth grade we were given spelling lists and had to use a thesaurus to find and learn more sophisticated words. A thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms. My teacher did instruct us to remember that the simple and sophisticated word mean the same thing. Rebecca, on a Philadelphia television station they did a segment on Quad Blogging. I learned that more then 50,000 students from over 1,500 classes in 35 countries have taken part in Quad Blogging so far. There is going to be more sessions of Quad Blogging and I do hope your class will be able to participate. I have learned so much and am so proud of you your class and your teachers. Simple word means so much “LOVE TO YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR CLASS”.

  2. avatar zoe.m says:

    Hi Rebecca!
    I loved doing Quad Blogging! I thought it was so fun commenting on blogs in Thailand, Switzerland, and Czech Republic and getting comments from them. I liked commenting on the students from Thailand’s blogs the best. They had a lot of interesting posts about current events. I like how you put an example of the comments from Sophie’s and Emilka’s blogs from Czech Republic. It must be so hard for them to write posts in English! Did you like Quad Blogging?

    • avatar rebeccab says:

      Yes, I do like Quad Blogging. Writing posts in English for them, is just like writing posts in hebrew for us! I have to admit that they did an exceptional job.

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