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   Jan 27

The Greatest Show On Earth!

The Greatest Show On Earth is an amazing circus.  Let me tell you some information about The Greatest Show On Earth.  The Greatest Show On Earth is about four nations that compete against each other.  They do this because there can only be one of the four nations to awaken the dragon.  They trained animals to […]

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   Jan 26

My Word Banish

If you read about my post on the word typical, then this shouldn’t be hard to understand.  This Wordly Wise Word is banish.  Banish means to get rid of completely, or to leave from a place permanently.  A sentence that I came up with using the word banish is: Joe was banished from school because […]

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   Jan 25

John’s Dream

One day, a little boy fell asleep.  He had a dream that there was a huge problem.  He didn’t tie his shoelace.  His mother told him to always tie his shoes so he won’t trip.  He tied his shoes, but then there was a thunderstorm.  It caused so much destruction, and it even ruined his haircut. […]

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   Jan 20

Science Lab!

On Thursday, my class went to the science lab.  We discussed the three states of water.  Now that I come to mention it, you are probably wondering what the three states of water are.  Well, here they are!  The three states of water are liquid, solid, and gas.   Water can be a liquid by […]

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   Jan 18

Should a 5th Grader Have a Cell Phone?

As you all know, the big question is, should a 5th grader have a cell phone?  Well, I think no.  They should not have a cell phone.  I have several reasons why they shouldn’t.  First of all, they can get carried away and not concentrate in class.  They can do this by playing games, texting, […]

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   Jan 13

My Book Report on Ramona and Her Father!!!

My second 9 weeks assignment was a book report.  My genre was realistic fiction.  The book that I read was Ramona and Her Father.  The story Ramona and Her Father is mostly about big events that happened with Ramona and her father.  I included so much information about the book.  I will tell you a little bit of the […]

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   Jan 06

My Wordly Wise Words!

On Thursday, my class had to do special things on the computer for  some words called Wordly Wise words.  As you can see, we had to draw a picture for our word, the definition, a synonym, an antonym, making our own sentence using the word we were assigned, and using the sentence in the book. […]

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   Jan 05

Best Winter Break Ever!

I had the best winter break in the world!  You probably think these are very strong words, but before you judge it, just read about what I did.  I ate a Hannukah feast with some friends.  We ate yummy foods like latkes, ( latkes are potato pancakes)  cheese and crackers, chicken, and even string beans. […]

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