Rebecca B

Make Fantasies Become A Reality

   May 24


The Lord of The Flies by William Golding sounds quite familiar to a famous historical event; World War II. Jack seems like he has similar characteristics to Adolf Hitler. In the book, it states that he is very manipulative, and he certainly has a way with words. Another example, is that Jack starts small. He tries to get close with the leader, Ralph, and gain more and more power and followers. Eventually he manages to overthrow Ralph, or at least make his own group of boys, just like Hitler. Jack forces people, like the twins, to join their group and do Eli and cruel things. Jack even punishes people brutally, similar to how Hitler kills the Jews. Jack doesn’t use gas chambers or anything, but both Jack and Hitler enjoy inflicting pain on others. When I read this book, I honestly see Jack as Hitler, the island as Germany, Jack’s followers as Nazis, and Ralph and his followers as the innocent.

   May 24


The Lord of The Flies by William Golding, is an incredible and intense book. There is a lot of symbolism in it as well. When I read it I found three particular examples of symbolism other than the conch. The parachutist, the face paint, and the monster were all excellent examples of symbolism. They represented fascinating topics and ideas, and when you really think about it in depth you can see that the book isn’t just about some boys alone on an island.

The monster was an excellent example of symbolism. I personally think that it symbolized a figment of their imaginations. The boys are on an uninhabited island with no adults. There are no rules. There is only the unknown. They are trying to survive without the help of adults. The monster symbolized their fear. They were all trying to act brave, but deep down they were all scared. Therefore, I stand by my opinion that the monster was just a simple figment of the boys’ imaginations.

Another example of symbolism was the face paint because it symbolized the point at which a group of boys went “savage”. When the boys split into two groups, the ones who had an obsession with meat went “savage”, meaning, they no longer cared about the rules. They didn’t really care about being rescued. This showed that as much as kids disliked adults and their rules, we need them to survive and be civilized.

Lastly, I personally found that the parachutist showed symbolism. The parachutist symbolized a few things. He symbolized the world of adults, chaos, and loss of hope. The parachutist could’ve helped the boys. He was a sign of hope, however they found him dead, which made the boys lose hope as well. I personally think the parachutist also represented death and chaos. The boys were trying to be smart, but slowly their conscience slipped away causing the chaos and lack of control. The dead man showed what could happen without the guidance of adults, although adults have caused a lot of death, they still have their conscience. Lastly, the parachutist symbolized the adult world. He was an adult, on an uninhabited island with boys. He was the first adult that the boys have seen in weeks.

   May 18

I Never Saw Another Butterfly

I Never Saw Another Butterfly is an amazing book of poetry. It was written by kids at the concentration camps, and it holds unheard stories that deserve to be told. The poems and drawings are all by the kids. Each story, every poem, every drawing, is important. This book gives you a totally different perspective of what life was like in the concentration camps, and what is even more fascinating is that it is from the view of a kid. I would recommend this book to more mature readers due to the mature content. The genre is poetry, and I would rate it five out of five stars.



   May 15

Mitzvah Project

We have done one of our last mitzvah projects for the school year. For those of you who don’t know, every Friday we do a mitzvah project. These projects are basically when we do good deeds. Some of these include volunteering at food banks, visiting the elderly, planting vegetables for the homeless, etc.


I honestly don’t really have a mitzvah project in mind that we can do that we haven’t already done. As long as we do something that makes a difference, then I think it’s considered a mitzvah project. When I leave this school I won’t do a specific mitzvah, however, I have learned if I have any leftover food I can bag it up and give it to the poor. Therefore, I will give food to the poor.

   May 06


As most of you are aware, yesterday was Yom HaShoah. Yom HaShoah is a day when we remember all of the lives that were lost in the Holocaust. Many people are trying to forget what happened, when the truth is that an event that big can’t be forgotten. If you forget history, it is bound to repeat itself. Never again should we have a world war that will cause the loss of tens of millions of lives. For me personally, I don’t ever want to forget the Holocaust because over half of my family is missing. Due to this event, my family is rather small compared to many others.


To remember Yom HaShoah you can visit Holocaust survivors. You can ask them to tell their stories. Unfortunately, the survivors are dying out. More and more of them are disappearing. Soon, no one will be left to tell their stories. Therefore, I think that we should ask about their experiences in order to remember the Holocaust.



   Apr 18


Many teenagers wonder what the secret to popularity is. Well, Maya Van Wagenen, the author of the book Popular, discovered the secret. In this book you read about Maya’s rather bold plans to become popular. Maya, an eighth grade student, read a book called Betty Cornell’s Teen-Age Popularity Guide. She took Cornell’s advice and ideas as she began to change her life. From wearing pearl necklaces to using curlers, Maya was very determined to become popular. In a way, this was a social experiment to see if Maya did truly have the secret to popularity. Do you want to know what the secret is? Read the book, Popular by Maya Van Wagenen, to find out.


The genre of this book is realistic fiction and biography. I would rate this book four out of five stars, and I recommend it to eleven year-olds and up. I honestly found this book fascinating and very relatable.

   Apr 18


Everyone hears a voice in their head. Whether the voice is good or bad, you hear something whispering in your ear. The voice tells you what to do and who you are. Some people call it your conscience, but Ever Williams would beg to differ. Ever’s little voice whispers the cruelest of words in her ears, “Your fat.” Ever has gotten to know this little voice and named it Skinny. Ever not only suffers from her own mind, but her fellow students as well. She weighs 300 pounds, and the guy she likes doesn’t even notice her. Her parents are unaware of her internal battle. Ever tried many methos and diets, attempting to lose weight. Like many other young teenage girls, she wants to be skinny because these days being thin is considered the new version of pretty; not what’s on the inside. One day there was a ceremony of which Ever was supposed to get an award, but she broke her chair. That was her last straw, and decided to have a weight loss operation. Will she lose weight and become “pretty”? Will she ever be content with who she is? Lastly, will Ever be able to end her internal battle with Skinny? Read the book, Skinny by Donna Cooner, to find out.


I would rate this book five out of five stars because I honestly found this book absolutely amazing. I would say that mature audiences should read it, and the genre is realistic fiction. I must say, that I have never read a book that I could relate to this much.

   Apr 15


As most of you are aware, Passover is coming up next week. For those of you who don’t know what Passover is, it is a holiday of which you eat no leavened bread. This holiday is about God freeing the Jews from the slavery in Egypt. We conduct a Seder and read from a book called the Haggadah, which basically guides us through this religious practice. Each Jew celebrates this holiday differently with their own traditions.

There are many different ways to pass traditions down from generation to generation. I think the best way is to teach your children the tradition, so that way they teach it to theirs and so on and so forth. One Passover tradition I have and want to pass down is having the Seder with my family because family is very important to me. It is important to celebrate freedom because it is a luxury that many people don’t have. I honestly think that as American Jews we don’t appreciate freedom. A lot of the freedom we have we take for granted. I think people like my great-grandparents, Holocaust survivors, are Jews who appreciate freedom after living through a time when there wasn’t any.

   Feb 20

See How They Run

I recently finished a book called See How They Run by Ally Carter. This is the sequel to her first book called All Fall Down. Basically the second book is about how a girl named Grace moved to a country called Adria because her grandpa is the United States’ ambassador. Grace recently discovered that she killed her mother by accident, and is recovering from the traumatizing experience. All of the people she trusted have been lying to her. One of her friends was murdered, and Russia is being blamed. This is causing international conflict, that can’t be solved with reason. What will happen next? Read this book to find out.

The genre of this book is romance, mystery, and action. I would rate it five out of five stars, and I would recommend it to fifth graders and up because it has a complicated theme.