For the Adopt-An-Element project, I chose the element beryllium. It’s symbol is Be. It has an atomic mass of 9.01218, and an atomic number of 4. It’s boiling point is 2469  C. When at room temperature, it is a solid. It is an Alkaline Earth Metal. Some traces of beryllium can be found in emeralds. It also makes an appearance in the movie Galaxy Quest as a sphere. It is mainly used in airplanes. It is used for the gears in other machinery, and is one of the alloys in copper. It was discovered in 1797.



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The Holocaust as a School Subject

Everyone knows about the Holocaust. It was a terrible time in history, and should always be remembered. Sadly, not all schools are required to teach about this event. It saddens me to think that there are people who don’t believe in it having happened, and there will be more people like this if we don’t start teaching about this low point in the world’s history.

One reason why people should have this in their curriculum is because Jews were not the only people persecuted. Almost anyone who was not the “ideal physical representation” was sent away to concentration camps. Anyone who looked like a Jew, or anyone who had brown hair and other stereotypical features was sent the the camps. Ironically enough, Hitler was neither blond nor did he have blue eyes.

Another reason is the rise of ant-semitism in the modern era. Every day on the news, more and more anti-semitic events occur. Ranging from vandalization to bomb threats, these have become more frequent. One thing that is said during Holocaust Memorial Day is “Never forget”. Sadly enough, it seems that many have forgotten.

We should also listen to the stories of the few survivors left. My great grandfather helped liberate the Concentration camps, so me and my brother have heard many tales from his days in the army. Sadly, he died about a year ago. More and more survivors are dying, and we are losing their stories. It is our duty to carry on their legacy and pass down these stores so that we truly will never forget.

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Essay on Security Cameras

In the 21st century, security has been added to more and more places. We have cameras in grocery stores and more. Now, schools might be joining this trend. These cameras are popping up more often in schools. Security is usually a good thing, but it can create a sense of mistrust in the students and teachers. Security is usually thought of as a good thing, but can be used for purposes other than watching dutifully. Therefore, security cameras should not be in schools because they have the potential to disrupt learning.


One of the disadvantages of security cameras is how easily they can be hacked. With all the things requiring Wi-Fi, a simple hack can get someone into the system. If the Wi-Fi is hacked, the security cameras can easily be accessed. This access can be sold to many people. Hackers also can watch the students. As mentioned in the Classroom Synonym article, parents could easily watch their students, so who’s to say a hacker can’t (Writer)?


Another issue is that these cameras can cause mistrust. As mentioned in Cons of Security Cameras in Schools, cameras in schools create a feeling of mistrust for students and teachers (Writer). That tension in the air is not good for learning. It also creates a feeling of being watched, which is obviously an invasive feeling (Eliva).


These cameras are also expensive, as Classroom Synonym mentions (Writer). They require the school to hire people to set  them up. Some even need their own wi-fi. Parents also demand that they get top-of-the-line safety for their kids, ending with the parents pressuring the school into buying the best cameras.


On the other hand, there are lots of good things about these cameras. In the article from Scholastic, it is mentioned that these cameras can stop bullying and thievery. Since parents can also watch their children, it gives them peace of mind. The students and teachers, however, may feel a sense of mistrust between the students, teachers, and administrators.


In conclusion, these cameras can do more harm than good. As mentioned earlier, they can create a sense of unease among the students and teachers. These cameras can and most likely will end up disrupting the learning environment. They will create an atmosphere that is unfit for teaching. There is also the possibility of students using them to cheat.


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Purim From a New Point of View

The two guards stood nearby Pharaoh’s throne, watching the two Jews warily.

“Pharaoh, let my people go!” Said the brother. His name was Aaron, and the other was Moses. They had been stirring up trouble with the other slaves, preaching about their God. This wasn’t the first time that they had gotten an audience with the Egyptian king, though. After the first time, the water had turned to blood. It was terrible, especially in a place as hot as Egypt. Pharaoh said he would let the slaves go if Moses returned the blood to water. Once that was done, the slaves remained, as Pharaoh changed his mind. And so this went on, until now, which was the tenth time.

“Pharaoh, let the Jews go, or there will be severe consequences.”

“My Gods have helped me! They are the ones who ended the plagues this far! Now tell me, what parlor trick have you up your sleeve this time?” The Pharaoh was acting condescendingly.

“He should just let the Jews go. I’m tired of all this nonsense,” whispered the guard. The Pharaoh didn’t hear, but the second guard did.

“Yeah. These plagues have gotten worse and worse. The next one will lead to death, I bet you!”

“Yeah. I just wish-” he was cut off by a stern glare from the Pharaoh.

“The next plague will be the Death of the Firstborn!” Declared Aaron, speaking the words of Moses.

“Your petty threat means nothing! I have guards to protect my first born, next n line for my throne,” The Pharaoh was furious, ordering that the two Jews leave, and so they did. The next morning, the first born throughout Pharaohs kingdom had been killed without a trace. Pharaoh, upset and saddened, let the Jews go. Egypt rejoiced at the lack of further plagues, but none were happier than the two guards, who no longer had to listen to the nonsense in the throne room.

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The Mitzvah Program

As most of you know, my school has a Mitzvah Program. This program allows us students to make the world a better place, weather we are feeding the hungry or socializing cats and kittens so they could have a better life. Before this program, I considered myself a nice person, but never really went out of my way to do good deeds. Now I hold the door open for strangers and perform other random acts of kindness. This program has helped open my mind and has made me who I am today.

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To Kill A Mockingbird Poem

This is a poem I wrote about the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It takes place during the Great Depression, and handles issues like racism and poverty.


It started with a case

That wasn’t quite on base

The children gave chase

To a name without a face

The name was Radley

He was scared badly

And never left his house

This curious behavior sparked an observer

Dill was what his friends called him

His curiosity was filled to the brim

When he heard of the ghost on the street

They would all scheme

Of how to bring him in

And would usually fail most often

Atticus was scoffin’

At the behavior of his children

Who peeped often on Boo Radley

When school came

The Finches were fame

For their daddy who helped the “guilty”

Who was an African-American named Tom Robinson

When the trials came around

All the people peeped

Though  none dared to speak

In the stands above

The Finch children hid

They had been forbidden from the trial

But watched it from afar

The witnesses were hesitant

To speak of their evidence

And constantly changed the story

When it came Tom’s turn

His story was true as iron

When the Finch children were discovered

They tried to cover

And watch the rest of the trial

They got their wish

And after their dinner

Saw who the winner was

It was Bob Ewell, not Tom Robinson, who had won

It was upsetting to all but him

When the Finches all left

The African-American stand

Stood up to show their respect

Bob Ewell got a job

A surprise to all

But was hastily fired

Scout Finch had a play

But missed her part

And left the house in a hurry

Scout and Jem Finch walked alone in the dark

Ending up near the Radley’s

And someone gave them a fright

When they came with a knife

And tried to murder the two

A mysterious figure

Came to deliver

Safety to the Finches

The attacker, Bob Ewell, was killed

Jem had a broken arm

But that was not all

Boo Radley was the helper

The Sheriff came

And was quite lame

When he said Bob died from tripping

Atticus Finch and the Sheriff

Got into an argument

Atticus said Jem killed Bob

The Sheriff said it was an accident

But we all knew

Who held the knife

It was Boo Radley who killed Bob Ewell

The Sheriff didn’t want to give him a fright

And wanted to give him is isolation

By the end of the fight

Boo and Scout left into the night

To go back to the Radley house

ANd Scout understood

Boo’s dislike of the neighborhood

And why he never came out.

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Purim and Anit-Semitism

A Jewish holiday called Purim is coming up soon. It is about the story of Ester, who became queen after the exile of the former queen. The king did not know this, but Ester was Jewish. Her cousin, Mordechai, saved the king from an assassination attempt. The person who hired him was the king’s own advisor, Haman.  He also called for the execution of all Jews.

This story takes place a few thousand years ago, and is anti-semitic. In the end, Ester wins. Anti-semitism is the act of hatred to Jews. If it was around even back then, why is it still around now? Human nature demands a scapegoat, and unfortunately the Jewish people fit the bill. We have been blamed and falsely accused throughout history.

Sadly, this behavior has not stopped. It’s still going on in many different forms. It can go from bullying to terror attacks or bomb threats. Even throughout all out persecutions and the pain my people have felt, we still go on. The lesson of the story is against anti-semitism. It can definitely be applied to this day and age with all the anti-semitic bomb threats.

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The 11th Commandment

If I could add another Commandment, it would be not to abuse animals or other people. The first part is because animals can feel pain, just like us. The second part is that we can feel pain, and we might become bitter and try to get revenge against the abuser, and create an endless chain of pain.

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Tu’Bish Vat

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Tu B’Shvat

I think we should work on stopping pollution. It’s already bad enough that we leave out litter for animals to choke on, but we also send smoke and other bad things into the air. This is terrible for our environment, and all this stems from the same problem: our fuel source. If we could find something better than fossil-fuel and oil, we could make the world a better place. We already have the means to do so: solar panels, and scientists are figuring out how to use the tides for energy. It is time that the human race steps up as a whole, because these environmental problems affect humanity as a whole.

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