End-of-the-Year Appreciation

Ruth Handlr.By Nina

I was Ruth Handler and I lernd that the frst barbie came in blond and bown .

And I aloso  lernd that barbie has ben on this world for a long time.

And I know because I lernd abowt Ruth Handler.




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Many years ago people from different countries immigrated to the United State of America for religious freedom. Their ship landed at Ellis Island in New York City.  Upon approaching the city they saw the Statue of Liberty.  At Ellis Island they would have to be examined in a hospital to make sure they were in good health.  If they had any rashes or diseases that could not be cured or treated they would be sent back to their native country.

The ship they sailed in on had two classes of passengers, first class and a third class. The third class passengers traveled in very tight quarters and we’re all squeezed in together. The first-class passengers had their own rooms and space. Even if the passengers were in first class they were only allowed one suitcase per-person.  When they arrive in America they were required to sign a big book or they’re not allowed to enter.  If the immigrants had family in America they could stay, if not they were sent back to their homeland.


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Me and Aaron made a map of Hard rock Hotel with a compass rose.The Hotel has a bar and a bed and a desk and a elevator. it also has a legend.