All day
All day
All day

You are
Than you believe
Than you seem
Than you think
More than you’ll ever know

Water dairy
Once upon a time there lived Mr. and Mrs. cheese. They send their three little girl cheese bites named Kimmy, DJ and Stephanie out to get some eggs. But to go to the dairy shop down town they have to cross the river of milk. However, it wasn’t that simple. There were cheese stick crocodiles. They would have to find a way to get to the other side. But after they did that there was more – egg monsters that loved to eat cheese in Yogurt Meadow! So they said to their mom and dad, “Please don’t send us to get the eggs.”

But they said, “Sometimes you need to be brave and face your fear. And that’s that. It is not a question. What are you waiting for? By the way we need three eggs for each of you.” Like our mom said “It was not a question.” So we set out to get three eggs. They came across the river of milk. They saw a cheese stick crocodile come right at them. But the cheese stick crocodile came up to us and said, “Hi!” We did not see that coming. He said, “What brings you out here?”
“We are going to get eggs downtown at the dairy shop.”
The crocodile says, “Well my name is Jacob. What is your name?”
“Our names are Kimmy, DJ and Stephanie.”
“Well nice to meet you. I’m sorry if I gave you a startle at first.”
“Oh that’s OK”.
Jacob said, “I’ll help you get across. Just hop on my back.”
“OK!” all three of them said. And they went across the river of milk.
“Thank you so much. Your friends are a little scary though.”
Jacob responded, “I know I get that a lot.”
“Well thank you again.”
“No problem.”
So they set on their journey. And off they went. And then they got to the Yogurt Meadow. When they got there they didn’t realize how big the eggs were. They were huge and there were baby ones. They were so cute! But Kimmy, DJ, and Stephanie needed to get past them, they thought to themselves. But they all thought the same thing and they said it at the same time, “We need to distract them with cheese! They love cheese!” There were three big eggs. Each one would distract them with cheese that they had in their pocket from lunch that they didn’t eat. Kimmy, DJ and Stephanie did not like cheese. And you probably know why. Because they’re cheese! So they each distracted one egg. They put cheese in front of the eggs. The eggs looked at it and ate it. So after that they ran as fast as they could to the other side of the meadow. They said, “Wow that was a close one.” And then they saw the dairy shop. But it was so far away. They could barely see it. They saw up ahead their mom and dad and they ran up and hugged their parents. They said, “What are you doing here?”
There parents said, “We want to congratulate you. You did a amazing job.”
“Thank you!” all of them said. And then their mom and dad disappeared in thin air. They said to each other, “Well let’s keep going!” So they did. Then they came across evil slices of pizza. They were evil because the sauce was not dairy. They almost got eaten but they ran so fast that they reached the dairy shop. They went in and got the three eggs and walked home, and lived happily ever after!!!

I learned about the sloth! I made a nonfiction book. First I got information about the sloth on world book online and pebble go. Then I used the search engine to find an article. Then I print them  out. Next I read and highlighted . And then I put my information in my organizer. And then wrote it in Book Creator. I wrote Illustrated and spaced out my information. I nailed doing my pictures! Next time I would  work on punctuation and spelling.