About Me!



I am in 5th Grade

A little late right? I know but oh well this is about me:

  1. My name is Nahila
  2. I’m 10 years old
  3. I have two brothers: Isaac (younger) and Franklyn (older)
  4. I have two dogs: Savannah and Bingo
  5. I like to draw and doodle
  6. I like to read
  7. i love playing with my stuffed animals and love playing soccer, lacross, tennis, volleyball, and basketball (though I am not an expert at most of these)
  8. I like writing
  9. I have a big personality that I will explain later
  10. etc.

Remember how I said thatI have a big personality that I will explain later? i will explain now. So I have many categories in my personality such as Music, Art, Excersize, Studies, Technology, private things, and Communication. other categories fall into these categories.Once you come to the end of these categories, you’ll kow everything about me. Now instead of personality, I like like to refer to this as a Me Tree. If you would like to know more about me, leave a comment on my blog!


4th Grade

This is a picture I made on an app called  “Pixie” and we  wrote about ourselves. Here is my all about me: image


All About Me
My name is Nahila. I am in 4th grade. Here are some things about me:
I have 2⃣ brothers. Their names are Franklyn and Isaac. Franklyn is 1⃣8⃣and Isaac is7⃣1/2. I love them, and I like to play with them. The boys are very playful and sometimes are very busy.

Read a lot
I love to read. Right now, I am reading the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. When I read, I feel happy, I learn new words. What do you like to read? I read any book that is available. Reading is fun to me!! When I read, I expand my vocabulary, because I read books that are a little challenging.

I was born in Springfield Massachusetts!
Yes, I was born in Springfield Massachusetts. In Springfield, there are lots of mountains, trees, , restaurants, and lots of other places you can visit! I love Springfield, because Springfield has beautiful weather and has a lot of places to visit like museums, forests, cities, and a lot more! Another reason I love Massachusetts is because Massachusett’s football team is the Patriots. I like the Patriots. I love Massachusetts!!!!



 About Me 3rd Grade

Hi! My name is Nahila. I’m 8 years old. My birthday is July 24, 2004. I am in 3rd grade. My teachers are Mr. Carpenter and Morah Liat. I have 2 brothers, and a dog named Savannah. (Of course I have a mom and dad). I am a girl. My hair is the color brown. I have been in New York and other places that I can’t list. I don’t only speak English and Hebrew. I can speak a little bit of Spanish and French. So there you know about me!



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