Scott Zimmerman (May his name for a blessing)😌

Scott Zimmerman (may his name for a blessing) was a very kind and generous man with a big sense of humor to make us all laugh. He was also a very cheerful man. Every time Scott passed by kids exiting class, he would give us all high fives. Scott was an amazing man who would prepare us for our bar or bat mitzvahs. He is an honorable man in the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School and should be in our society. I saw Scott Zimmerman every time I was in temple for Sabbath services, or even just in the hall at school. In one of the Amidah prayers in the Siddur (צדיקים) It says ברוך אתה ה׳, משען ומבטח לצדיקים. It talks about we need a role model and I believe that Scott Zimmerman was a role model for all of us in this community.

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