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Reading Fluency

Since the beginning the year of 5th grade, I believe that I have improved in my Hebrew reading because I have learned new words and I practice reading words to expand my vocabulary. In the beginning of the year, I use to stutter on a lot of words and now, I barely stutter.

This is a video of me reading in the beginning of 5th grade:


A few times in this year, Morah Liat ¬†gave us some tests to determine what words should be our spelling words. I got 100% on the tests. In the beginning of the year, I would’ve gotten about half the words wrong. Surprising, right? Well it’s true. If I didn’t learn these words with Morah Liat, I would’ve gotten half of them wrong. This year I have learned a lot with Morah Liat such as Hebrew words and their definitions, more discription about the ten plagues, new prayers, etc. Compared to the beginning of the year, my brain knows about 64% more about Hebrew culture, traditions, and prayers.


My artifact is one of my spelling tests to tell which words I need to work on. I passed all the tests, so I was able to pick my own words to do a spelling test. Like I said, I have been learning a lot this year. The year has been full of learning.

This is a picture of my artifact:image

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  1. avatar Tara says:

    Well done Nahila
    You read really well I loved listening to you reading.
    and I am so happy for you that you improved so much on your Hebrew reading.
    From Tara

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