The School for Good and Evil

In 5th grade, our class made book trailers using the computer app frames. My book trailer is about the book “The School for Good and Evil.” The School for Good and Evil is about two girls named Sophie and Agatha who live in the town of Gavaldon. Sophie is a girl who’s dream is to be the perfect princess. Agatha is just a regular girl who just wants to be with her friend Sophie.

The town of Gavaldon has less and less kids because a dark figure comes every 4 years and kidnapped two 12 year old kids. After a few years of the 2 lost kids’ kidnapping, those exact kids are in the fairy tale books. This has been happening for 200 years. Adults have been trying to protect their children from these attacks, but it’s no use for this figure.

Now Agatha and Sophie are being captured! Will they ever return to Gavaldon?

Watch my book trailer for some more! (There are no spoilers.)

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