U.N.F. Trip

UNF Trip

Today for  Tu’ Bishvat, 4th and 5th graders went on a field trip to UNF campus. For those who don’t know what Tu’ Bishvat is, It’s a special jewish holiday celebrating the New Year of the trees. We eat lots of dried fruit, plant trees, and explore nature.

Nature Hike

UNF stands for University of North Florida. Our leader of the tour, Ranger Jake took part of 4th and 5th on a nature hike through the area. He took us on the Blueberry and Goldenrod trail that was a few miles there and back. The ranger showed us a Devil’s walking stick, a millipede, and flowers, fungi, and insects of all different kinds. Ranger Jake also introduced us to a 601 year old bald cypress tree in the middle of a swamp. Construction people didn’t cut down this tree because they realized that this tree and another bald cypress were coming together making the wood very dense and would break their saws.


Going to a picnic area for lunch, our group was introduced to a plant called the red hooded pitcher-plant. This plant tricks bugs with a delicious aroma and when the bugs comes, it falls through the stem, being ripped to pieces, like being devoured. Lunch was at a nice picnic area near a zipline leading across the lake. Everyone had a good time eating and talking with each other.

Capture the Flag

After a good lunch, 4th and 5th grade went crossed to the other side of the lake to play two small games of Capture the Flag. Rules were similar.

  1. Leave the flag in sight
  2. If someone on the other team touches you when you’re on their side, you are out.
  3. If you are out and one of your teammates touches you, everyone out on your team is back in.

Everybody enjoyed the games we played.

In the end, we went back full of fresh air.


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