A Long Walk to Water


In Language Arts, we finished a book called “A Long Walk to Water”. The author is Linda Sue Park.

This book has a lot of themes including water, survival, hope, perseverance, good v.s. evil, war, family, and leadership. “A Long Walk to Water,” had two different stories in different timelines, but having the same problem: water. People are battling for water so they can survive the heat of Sudan.

The theme I think that is important in, “A Long Walk to Water”, is hope. I think this theme stands out in the book the most because:

  1. How Salva got separated from his family, but he didn’t lose hope that they were dead, he kept looking for them, hoping that he would find them.
  2. When Salva made a friend and found his Uncle, he was hopeful. But when they died, he didn’t lose all hope, he knew they wanted the best for him so he kept going.
  3. When Salva got to the refugee camp in Ethiopia, he didn’t lose the hope in his heart that his family was dead, he believed that his family was there.

The important message I take in, “A Long Walk to Water”, is that when everything and everyone that you once loved is gone, you shouldn’t lose all hope. Look more on the bright side of things rather than the dark side. Like when you are moving to a completely other state far southern than where you are, don’t think that anything wouldn’t be the same. You should believe that things will turn out well.

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