Talk About Yourself!

Some people are shy to talk about themselves, some people are eager to. There’s no problem about it! There are more ways to communicate and express our feelings. Not just by talking but by:

  1. writing
  2. text
  3. draw
  4. movements
  5. mouthing
  6. sign language
  7. typing
  8. blog posts
  10. any of the above!!!!

You can talk too. Definitily. Absolutely! Just remember: If you’re felling bad you should just talk. Sometimes talking helps. Talk to a friend. Or a fellow classmate! Maybe a teacher! And you can always have a discussion with your parents. Express your feelings to someone or something.Talk to yourself too. It helps trust me. If you’re having a problem, leave a comment on people’s blogs! just remember: make sure it’s topic related!

Alaso, one more thing for you to remember (yeah, I know I am asking you to remember all this stuff. But this is the most important thing because it’s last! save the best for last!): All of this world is just one, big, community. We help each other. Well, most of us at least. But it’s important to care for each other and help out! Help friends and family members! Be part of the community!

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