Treasure Island

Summary of Part 1 in Treasure Island

Jim and his parents were in the Admiral Benbow when the door opened and a fierce looking man was standing in the doorway. His name was Captain Billy Bones and loved rum. Jim would serve him rum and respect him. One day, a man whos name was Black Dog came in and talked about thier good old days together until suddenly, the captain had a stroke. Doctor Livesley said that another stroke would kill him.
While the captain recovering, Jim gave him rum whenever the captain asked for some. One day, a blind man came to the Admiral Benbow and gave. an envelope to Billy. After he left, Billy took a peak inside and saw The Black Spot. He looked shocked and tried to leave. But while going up the stairs he had another stroke and layed there dead. When Jim saw him dead, he called for his mother. His mother said to take all his money, but Jim said to take only what the Captain owed. After taking the money and a book, Jim and his mother ran off and was spotted by men. The men left Jim’s mother where she was and took Jim. The men took Jim to Dr. Livesely for the night.

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