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My Ushpizin and app smashing

In Jewish Studies, we chose our Ushpizim. Ushpizin are bibical heros from the Torah who come to our sukkah on certain days of the week. My ushpizim was Moses. As you probably know, Moses was born in Egypt and saved … Continue reading

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Optical Illusion

In art, we learned about forced Perspective. Like a girl on the floor and a man on a wall. In this picture, the key was for the man to stand on the stool and put an object in front.Or a … Continue reading

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The City of Ember

I did a book talk on the book The City of Ember. This book is about a ┬ácity named Ember which is surrounded by darkness. Everyone in Ember thinks that Ember has the only lights. But one day to children … Continue reading

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Skype with Famous Author

Yesterday, we had a Skype with Chris Grabenstein. Chris Grabenstein is the author of Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. Mr. Grabenstein has written other books for both children and adults. He also has helped another author, James Patterson write I … Continue reading

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